Europe - Flying With Electric Longboard

I have to fly from Malta to London soon and I want to take my longboard with me on the plane. Has anybody had any experience flying with EasyJet or Ryanair and taking their electric longboards with them?

I’ve got the Enertion Space Cell 4 and according to the stats on the site, the battery is as follows:

LiNiCoMnP 360 Watt Hours Samsung 25R Cells

I know plane companies have been banning Samsung cellphones and possibly those stupid Chinese hover board things. But, I’ve also heard people being allowed to take their Boosted Boards and Evolve Carbon GT’s on planes with them as long as they can prove that the battery is completely dead.

If anybody has any knowledge or wisdom to share, it’ll be stupidly helpful. I’m really not looking forward to being in London and having to ride the tube or the Boris bikes.

I would have no hope. The rules are quite clear: all batteries as carry-on luggage, no checked-in luggage with Lithium batteries; max. power 160Wh, under 99Wh possibility to carry several batteries not connected. My impression is that these rules are applied with more and more severity rather than flexibility. I would even believe that the low-cost companies are stricter than traditional airlines.

Give them a call to be sure, but I am pretty sure this is the answer you will get. if not worse. You should be able to transport your board without batteries, but then the interest is limited :wink: Unless you get another battery in London

From minute 11. If you’re staying for a longer time your better off ordering some lipo’s and let them send to malta

He said, “I’ve travelled all over the world with it”, so it seems like it was an isolated incident or perhaps restrictions by a certain airline. This is why I asked if anybody had any previous dealings with Ryanair or Easy Jet.

You could try it, but its not allowed to take batteries >99wh on a plane.

Not 360, 160Wh

Check your airline, for example ryanair allows up to 160Wh

Ok, so they allow it, but up to a certain amount. Now, if I wanted to be sneaky, could I just say that the battery pack does not exceed the allowed amount or would they have some sort of device that can test the voltage/amps/watt hours?

Also, are there any specific reasons why the watt hours are restricted? Is it dangerous or something?

It’s not only Ryanair, this is IATA regulations for all companies. You will find in this link most of the answers to your questions