Europe Focbox buy

Seeing a shit ton of peeps want FOCBOXEs cheap in Europe I’m gonna be a ferry service and make a haul here in Dec. from Florida.

Right now I’m laying down money - as no time to get payment lined up prior to me making a buy I figure each you cats owe me a beer or three for this ( and I like good beer gentlemen) also arranging shipping and getting packaging/ lables and shit i know from experience takes a time…which can also be fueled by beer.

For each type of item round up to the next unit of ten + shipping from Spain.

FOCBOX - 90 euros Nano-x - 30 euros

Right now I have seen interest for 10 FOCBOXs and 3 nanoxs

Let me know. You have around 12 hr gents. Prices increase an additional 10 euros after the buy (assuming I get a few extras)


Myself-2 @Yecrtz - 2 @rojitor - 2/1 @Linux0701 - 2/2 @Henkow 2/1 @Stormboard 2 @Fatos 2 @michichopf 2/1 @bevilacqua 1 @Rinzler 1 TeslaAlex 1/1 @DeathCookies 2

All orders need to be given to me no later the 11pm Spanish time. Orders made after will have prices raise 20-40 euros


2 foxboxes 1 nanox

1 focbox, thats it.

2 focbox+1remote I confirm I want em.

Order placed gentlemen. More instructions to follow…I need more sleep for now.


Awesome man!

Alright Ladies time to put up or shut up. Payments to PayPal account of :

Learning from prior mistakes shipping is gonna be a flat 14 euros +3% for PayPal fees ( waived if payed with friends and family)

Made a sheet with totals due minus 3%, notes and all the good shit, Make sure you select the FOCBOX Extravaganza tab at the bottom When you Pay for the love of Skatan in the notes section of your payment in paypal please include:

  1. Your Forum Name
  2. Your Shipping name
  3. Your Address
  4. Your favorite Muppet ( optional )

Dude Bros…

Please add the 3% to cover PayPal fees unless you are paying friends and family. I am making this a screaming deal. I cover half the fees and you cover half. Unless we have otherwise spoken I won’t ship individuals til we are square


Am I too late again or can I still jump in?

@monkey32 please pm me if you have any extra focboxes and remotes

Payment coming tomorrow.!

Great, Thanks

cough COUGH PAY SOON or pay more (unless previously discussed) COUGH cough

Sorry, I have a cold…

Hey if anyone jumps out. I’m more then happy to take their place for 90€/box

@Powadangaboards @stormboard1 @Rinzler @Peter90

Thank you legit humans that committed and followed through or if not communicated why and how you would uphold your side of our agreement. I appreciate that many of you are responsible adults able to balance a job, new or old home, and new children and still able to fulfill your end without hiding behind previously said obligations …very adult of you. *end rant

These should ship early to mid Jan. From Spain. Thanks gents. Twil likely be my final group buy.

Estate love, Hunter


Gentlemen, A update on our order. I have been reading quite a bit about delays in focbox deliveries. My first purchase which I ran through 1 minute prior to the “official” start time was shipped to my Winter house in Florida and signed for as of Dec. 11th.

Moral of story … We have our goods and so will be following through with distribution and such in timely fashion.

All about the timing gents. Just to reassure you all again…We have our goods.

Happy Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, ect gentlemen. Eskate Love,



Some for myself and a bit for the rest of you lot!!!

Happy Holidays kids. Remember how fortunate we are to have disposable income to invest into this money sucking hobby. Much esk8 love.



I have updated the Payment Spreadsheet. If you are in Orange you are on my naughty list and won’t be receiving any late gifts from Santa til payments are made/updated.



Updated adress info. Check PM :slight_smile: