EUROPE Group Sale of VESC Motor controllers at Discounted Price

Hey folks!

We decided that Spring is a great time to build some electric lightweight electric vehicles.

That is why we decided to create a campaign for a bulk sale of the the VESC motor controllers. Read on for further details.

We will donate €5 of each VESC sold to Benjamin Vedder. The person who developed the VESC.

Current Discount per unit

5% Discount (incl. VAT)

How it works?

  1. Submit the VESC reservation form
  2. Get an email with a secret pre-order link
  3. Pre-order the VESC(s) by placing a downpayment of €10.
  4. On April 25th get access to purchasing the VESC(s)
  5. The VESC will be shipped on May 1st 2017
  6. After we ship them all we will contribute €5 for each VESC sold to Benjamin Vedder.


The reservations close on: April 25th 2017 The VESCs will be shipped on: May 1st 2017

Go get your VESC

Discouts Table

Amount | Discount per unit | Unit Price 20 | 10% | €121.5 (incl. VAT) 30 | 15% | €114.75 (incl. VAT) 40 | 20% | €108 (incl. VAT) 60 | 30% | €101.25 (incl. VAT) 100+ | 35% |€94.5 (incl. VAT)

About our VESCs

Our VESC motor controllers are produced in Denmark. We have been selling them over 1.5 years and only had shipped on faulted that we immediately replaced. Out VESC hardware version 4.12 and we are programming them wit the software version of 2.6.


Is VAT included in the discounted price?


Is the offer limited to European countries only?


Where are the VESCs produced?


Have you sold VESCs before?

Yes. We have been producing and selling VESCs for over 1.5 years. Since then we have only faulted on which we replaced.

Does the listed prices include shipping?




Nice offer. I am just wondering how you will deal with FOC warranty claims. Are you supporting the use of FOC or is that user error and not supported?

Hey. Glad you guys liked the offer. Been working on this for the last 2 days.

So the warranty topic. We provide warranty for the hardware and quality assurance. So if things burn because of production issues then we would investigate and replace the motor controller.

We do not provide warranty for the user error, instead we are open for calls via skype offering support for setting up the VESC.

We’re an early stage company and try to be as transparent as we can. We kind of hope our customers are sincere to us as well :slight_smile:

Hope that answers your question.

No offense but: Vesc-X bulk pricing Buy 4 - 10 and pay only €121.19 each Buy 11 - 20 and pay only €117.64 each Buy 21 - 30 and pay only €114.81 each Buy 31 - 40 and pay only €111.27 each Buy 41 - 50 and pay only €103.47 each Buy 51 or above and pay only €83.63 each

None taken. VESC-X is a different product. When buying from Australia you need to pay import taxes.

@onloop has an EU & US distributor, also the vesc-x is proven the be an improvement of the Vesc 4.12 which you are selling. Still goodluck getting gb closed :slight_smile:

are you telling me that when i order a VESC-X I will get it without customs and EU warranty? Maybe @onloop can chime in and tell us what would actually happen. AFAIK the VESC-X is sent from the US and you WILL have to pay additional VAT