EUROPE pulleys. sold out

Got it. I’ll send the shipping info to @rwxr

PAID $26.50 for 1 complete set to U.K. :+1:t2:

Many thanks

Got it. Will get that shipped soon

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Orders have shipped @sandrewvdv @atenner @FalconNL

just send money send me tracking number when send


Got it. Will send you tracking via email when I get it

Under 20 sets remaining

I just paid for 1 complete set untracked shipping to Sweden :slight_smile:

Can’t ship until friday. I’m away on business. Hope thats ok.

Got it. I’ll send shipping info to @rwrx and he’ll get that shipped as soon as he can.

Just wanted to inform you that your order has shipped

Just paid for another complete set :+1:t2:

Got it. Glad you like the pulleys. I’ll let you know when that ships

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Hey @Titoxd10001 Does the wheel pulley fit flywheel clones?

They do. However, they are best used on 90mm or above wheels. They of course work on 83mm wheels aswell, but there will be less clearance.

Ok. I have 83mm wheels but i´m gona get 97mm wheels. I think it would be perfect for this pulley. So one complete set + untracked letter = $26.5 Is that correct?

Yeah. Msg Tito and sort the payment and he’ll relay shipping info to me

@zeah Yeah that is correct price

@Titoxd10001 just sent you $26.5 for 1 complete set + untracked letter

@zeah got it. Ill let you know when that ships