EUROPE pulleys. sold out

Hello Europe e-skaters, my name is Luis aka Tito and with the help of @rwxr I’d like to offer you 15mm pulleys at a great price. I purchased in large quantity and I hope it helps some of you out in your builds. The two pulley options I have available is 15t and 40t.

The motor pulley is 15mm HTD5 15t steel pulley with 8mm bore and 3mm keyway. It comes with two set screws and 3mm key. (With minor modification this motor pulley will fit Evolve).

The wheel pulley is 40t for abec flywheels (90mm+ recommended) and MBS all terrain wheels. Material is aluminum and screws are M5.

Prices are: $10 for steel 15t 15mm pulleys $13 for 40t Abec flywheel pulley $20 for a set with both pulleys

Shipping prices are:

My paypal email is: [email protected]

I will be receiving the orders and @rwxr will be shipping from Sweden.

Please send payment as friends and family or cover goods and services fee. In Paypal leave your address in the notes, type of pulleys wanted, and shipping method. Feel free to contact me. Thank you for looking.


Sent payment for 3 sets + tracked shipping + fees. Thanks a lot for organizing this!

Paid for two motor pulleys and keyways.

Would like to buy 2 complete kits, shipped to Denmark with tracked letter. What will the price be?

@solidgeek: Look at the chart.


Thanks! I wasn’t sure on the weight of two complete kits :slight_smile:! I will pay you $56,75 immediately!

Weights are also in the chart :wink:

@yinnon Payment received. I’ll pass on the shipping information to RWXR

@Brad There might be a small issue with your order since you live in Australia and this suppose to be for Europe customers. I’ll PM you

@solidgeek Payment received I’ll send shipping info to RWXR

sent 54$ for 4 15t pulleys and tracked shipping

thanks mate :slight_smile:

Paid for 1 Wheel Pulley and tracked shipping.

Hi, Very nice steel pulley! Do you know they also fit on 83mm Flywheel clones? I would love to buy them if they should fit :heart_eyes:

There are people using on 83mn wheels, but I would recommend more for 90mm+ wheels since radius of 40t pulley is 3mm bigger than 36t pulleys.

@Iceman Payment received @Sir.Mighty Payment received

I’ll send info to RWXR

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Oh thanks I hadn’t really thought about that, yeah that’s true maybe only 5mm clearance between the ground an belt.

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Ill take 2 sets

  • 3 extra keyways shipping to Germany With untracked letter So its 20$+20$+9,25$ for the keyways ill pay you 3 $ extra? @Titoxd10001 ll sent the money within the next hour How long takes the shipping for a letter? Greetings

Orders have shipped @yinnon @solidgeek @Brad @Iceman @Sir.Mighty If you chose with tracking you should have received a email from me with link to track your order

I only sent enough keys for the amount of pulleys I sent. So unfortunately I have no extras. Shipping shouldn’t take to long. @rwxr may know more about the shipping times

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5-7 days as untracked letter to land of bratwursts

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Thanks guys for organising this! I just ordered a set, cant wait to get it!

OK just bought 2 complete sets + untracked shipping to Belgium :wink: 49.25 $