[Europe/Sweden] Selling Samsung 25R 6S4P spot welded battery with bypassed BMS, anti spark switch and chargers

European/Swedish buyers preferred.

Selling my very sparingly used(about 4-5times) lion battery pack made out of Samsung 25R cells. There’s a vedder styled anti spark switch(from diyelectricsskateboards) attached with a white light LED switch. There’s also a XT-90 anti spark attached. The BMS is bypassed for charging only.

The pack is spot welded as 2x 3S4P with a 10AWG wire soldered together to make it a 6S4P.

When used on my old board with a single 245KV/16t-36t/65kg/143lb/83mm wheels and mostly flat ground I got just over 20km of range.

Included is also two laptop style chargers. One at 2A and one that says 5A but seems to deliver 8A. I’ve used both and they’re good. But I’m not sure if the 5A one actually delivers 8A to the battery or if it just did that to my multimeter.

Price is €160+shipping and paypal fees.

Here’s pictures:

Hej pm mig om du har möjlighet till att spotwelda ett pack av mina celler. Från Skåne

Hi, is it still for sale?