European regulations. SKATE IS NOT A CRIME. 🚔 Can we do something?

They are making regulations for kickscooters and electric bikes and leaving us aside as criminals. We are developing a future personal transportation method and being left behind with ridiculous laws and regulations. Here in Mallorca i was about to be fined skating in a Bikeway and the policemen told me I cannot skate… Not only electric I cannot skate at all, not in the streets, not in road, not in the sidewalk. Only HOMOLOGATED KICKSCOOTERS WITH A HANDLE. That is ridiculous, been electoskating for the last 10 years and never had an incident involving anyone more than myself. If we are a lot I can start an Euro parliament petition. Who is with me???.:skateboard: :muscle:


I think we are outlaws forever no matter which regulation might come or not. Even if they legalize esk8 it’s probably with 400W motors and 20-25km/h max speed and for big companies with certifications only. Every DIY board would be illegal anyway. If you build a proper powered e-scooter or electric bike it’s illegal, too.


Wear a full face helmet and go 35mph+. Leave the bicycle path police in the dust


There are normal gasoline scooters… max speed 45kph. Teenagers modify exhausts, inyection, etc and they reach more than 100. But police can’t stop them until they found out they are not complying regulations, or have modified the normal model. I understand we cannnot go 72 kph in a sidewalk full of people, like i don’t in bike, skate or eskate. but when you are complying the rules why skate is criminalized, but kickscooters, escooters, bikes, and electric bikes are not?