European Suppliers

Europe Suppliers

I need european suppliers for the following parts :

I have sellers for the following parts :

Tell me if i missed anything for a full build

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check my shop at !

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For standart longboard parts there are you can use regular longboard shops like sick boards or If you are talking about bulk order, well i dont know anything about it.

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These 80a bms’s have a built in E-switch that is very reliable. is not a European shop but they deliver for free to EU and i had never any problems with them. Delivery time when you choose free shipping is around 3 weeks.

Also you should check punitive duty, in germany its 19 % for everything above 22 Euro.

A nice enclosure?


That looks great, thanks!

Source for antispark switches in Europe:

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@goldenHusky *Source for top quality antispark switches customized according to personal demand delivered in the speed of light. :wink:

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@ACIN thanks haha :joy:


And discounts? :grin:

That’s great, how long will it take to get caliber trucks in stock on backorder?

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sure, can you send a quick email to [email protected] so my mate Benjy can tell you the exact date as he manages the stock. It’s like in 2/3 days maximum if I’m correct but worth double checking with him. Would be able to cover:

  • trucks/mounts caliber : whatever color
  • timing belt HTD5M 265mm 15mm
  • antispark switch
  • motor mount
  • abec 11 flywheels (whatever your size)
  • remote receiver

My riding style is 32T 15T on 10S so I didn’t produce 36T drivers (I do have 32T in stock)


I ordered caliber trucks from a shop blue tomato couple weeks ago, if you sign to mail list you get 10 euros voucher, and when you sign up if your birthday happens to be that day :wink: also you will receive a 10 euro voucher via email for your birthday so I got 20 euros off!

is free delivery for order over 40 euros that was to the uk also.

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nice tip :slight_smile:

That’s great!

Will your mount work if I want to reverse mount the motor?

Dunno, I’m gonna try and tell you.

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Thank you very much =D

Just found out that i need a sensored motor.

Where can i get a sensored 6374 motor with around 190Kv in europe?

I’ve got this one that has been sitting in my desk drawer if you can’t find one. It’s probably done 50-100km as a single drive on 9s. It has the right size plug for the vesc. Just curious. Why do you need it to be sensored?