Ever wanted to know what the inside of a Li-Po looks like?

Batteries were unfortunately dragged on the ground after detaching from my board and most of the corner of this one wore away. The fact that it did not catch fire immediately is amazing. Yippee for cheap Chinese lipos i guess, next time I will do a better job mounting them.

Dang dude glad you are okay. Time to invest in an enclosure and some new lipos!

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Definitely! complete redesign of the enclosure and the new lipos are on the way from china lol

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Yeah but what does it taste like?


idk you can have one and see

Discharge it with a halogen globe or some similar load until its at 0 volts. Then it should be safe.

We cant see a lot here but inside is a bunch of very thin layers soaked in a liquid electrolyte.

yeah, i have heard soaking in salt water also discharges it slowly