Everything blew up

Hey guys! Sad post here, so I’ve been heavily been working on my board to get it working before school gets out (tomorrow) I had finished everything and all I was doing was troubleshooting my Firefly remote system because it wasn’t binding so I pulled out my laptop set it next to the board and then I must have moved something? And a big spark came out of my loop key while it was already in. That scared the sh*t out of me so I unplugged everything and started to look through everything, one of the receiver wires got disconnected at the solder join, and there was black sut on the uart ground pin area of the foc box. Now the receiver screen won’t turn on even when I plug it in to my laptop and I can’t connect with the focbox, there’s not even a light when the power is connected although it is outputting power on other pins in the uart other than the 3.3vIMG_20190618_175503 IMG_20190618_175452 IMG_20190618_175433 IMG_20190618_175413

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Gonna need pictures and mazbe post on https://forum./

Just did both😃

I believe I have found the issue with closer inspection I’ve found sut on the receiver’s antenna 15609100003333557079810933123309 and during the receiver troubleshooting I had pulled it out to see if it would get better reception and when I moved around a bit the base of the antenna made contact with the positive loop key and created a surge through the receiver up through the ground wire (had been unsoldered and the clear heatshrink was black with sut) and into the board where the final amount of sut has been found. So my question is is the focbox recoverable? @JohnnyMeduse

Focbox should be fine. Best way to know is to open it and check it.

Everything is physically ok from observation inside but I only have .4 volts out of the 3.3v pin and I can’t connect it to the computer

There is probably some that as blown on the 3.3V circuit, but it should be salvageable.

My guess are: MCU, Can Transceiver or 3.3V regulator.

So I sent you a message through your website, this repair is way over my head😂, what’s your average turnaround time btw?

When connecting all these wires is there not a fuse that needs to be installed?

It’s all one system so I would need a 60a fuse which wouldn’t do anything in this case because you normally don’t fuse your receiver but I am planning on it in the future

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Check your email

but usually 2-3 days