Evo Owners let's talk Truck Angles

So I’m interested in hearing peoples different setups. I believe this downhill deck was initially designed to run a 50/20 spit front and rear. Right now I’m using TB 50 degree trucks with 12 degree boltzen risers. So I’m at a 53/47 split. I did this to make sure that I had a good turning radius but also still decently stable. At ~30mph it is pretty damn stable but I’m wondering if I should mess around with flipping the back riser to give me 53/ 23. Turning radius will suffer greatly I assume but is it still manageable? Or will it drive like a bus at low speed and be really hard to maneuver?

Let’s hear your experiences with different setups on this amazing deck!


wouldn’t it be 65/35 with 50 degree trucks? I don’t have one but… plus or minus 15 degrees respectively.

whats the point in having that deck if you take out all the wedge/dewedge?

might as well just get a top mount or double drop if that is your thing?

or am I missing something :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I run mine with the stock geometry and a messed up bushing setup. At 30mphbits ultra stable.


What trucks? 50 deg?

Surf rodz tkp with 80mm axles

the stock Carvon trucks are 50 i think. I’ll have to check on that. The Evos will have 1/2" flat risers.

the carving is incredible and the stability is amazing. Honestly i don’t understand the sorcery behind it. i didn’t realize you could have so much stability at speed AND such a deep carve on the same board without ankle enhancing drugs. Loose and snappy.


Somewhere I read it was designed for 35° Randall’s.

I’ve been eying the evo for ages.

Found it.

“Note: Also make sure the trucks are raked! With the 15-degree drop in the back, unraked trucks feel very unresponsive.”

I see this, so Im not gonna argue that its “there” but its BS.

I’ve spoken with Sam at LY and he says the Evo was designed for 50 degree trucks, using any other geometry decreases the stability and carving ability of the board and produces a ride quality that is decreased from what was intended by the wedge/dewedge of the deck geometry…


50 degree makes 65/35 35 makes 50/20 35/50 split makes 50/35

I’d be more likely to run 50 rear and 35 up front to end up with 50f/35r…65 is to tunrny imo


Well there you go then.

Ok now I want one even more as a 65° front truck sound ridiculous, and honestly a little scary.

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I’m the last one to say “don’t do that, its not what the builder intended”, Hell, that’s kinda the point, do what you feel brudda :slight_smile:. I really enjoy the 65/35 geometry, a big ass board with dual 6374’s that carves like butter at 20-30mph is a frikkin dream.


I’ve got my hangers pretty loose but am using really stiff bushings. Its counter to standard practice but I also have a tall 96a bushing street side in the rear. Like I said, messed up bussing setup, but it works for me.

That’s one of the cool things about the Evo, the size and the geometry makes is perfect for experimentation.


I run a similar set up to @mmaner but with TB 218mm trucks and I agree the Evo is super stable but also very carvy board. It’s my favorite deck right now.



i mean what’s the fucking point if you’re going to alter the geometry. They’d didn’t shape it like that for aesthetics.


That’s true, so i suppose maybe its the differential that makes the magic.

Also on the Evos due to the motor placement and hanger features, the rear wheel base is wider than the front, which also definitely influences the carving on these.

That may have been an accident, but it was a fortunate one. We were experimenting with varied width trucks not too long ago with mixed results, but on these decks it works really well.


HSo here’s my takeaway. The board was designed for 65/35.

Know one really knows if the board will handle the same as long as the differential is the same i.e. 65/35 vs 50/20 (I’m thinking it won’t though).

Time for some testing I suppose!

Well surprise surprise 65/35 felt wayyyy better. Need harder bushings tho. I didn’t realize I actually had it setup with stock inner barrel boardsides and 89a rear roadside and 86a front roadside. Way too loose for my weight (200lb)


Does it really make a huge difference having a non symmetrical setup? My board does almost 50 km/hr and I am using standard off-the-shelf 50 degree Caliber II trucks but never felt unstable. Now, for the new build I am going to use much wider trucks at around 45 degree (front and back) which should in principle increase the stability to some bit.

your in-experience is evident in your post…

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Heck yeah, that’s why I am asking. If I would have the experience I wouldn’t have asked in the first place!