Evo Owners let's talk Truck Angles

To make it less complicated, just wanna talk about the rake versus baseplate angle.

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Ahhh, I guess I should have gotten that.

for me atm. same bushings but with double cupped washers to make them more restrictive. All because I take every chance I get to ride switch. Need as much muscle memory and fine control as I can on my back leg (since its half dead almost no sensory since my accident).

But for freeride I almost always run same bushings front and back. Only if I really want to push it I take my “fast” set up with different bushings and 43/20.

Well simply put, the baseplate of your truck sets your turning radius. So same force aplied to the same bushing on a differently angled baseplate will give you a more or less aggressive turning radius. In summary baseplate angle = controls if you either have more turn or lean. (turn means wheel stronger change of direction, lean means how much you can change the angle of your deck to your trucks. Super important for me personaly. Gives you more weight on the wheels and more security to grip turns. Guess an Image would be nice here.

So rake, could not word it better so :"Rake Rake is one of the hardest truck features to understand. It affects the ratio between turn and lean. It is defined as the amount of axle offset from the center of hanger rotation, measured in millimeters (+ / -).

It is important to note that rake is NOT changing the rotation of the hanger (aka the baseplate degree of the truck). It only changes the location of the wheels relative to the axis of rotation. This controls how much the truck dives into a turn and how much the truck resists lean. The amount of rake can be measured in millimeters from the axis of rotation. Rake that is measured in baseplate degree changes is not accurate. Again, rake does NOT change the hanger axis of rotation."

Some good resources for the basics.


Wow tons of good info here! One thing that I don’t understand is that why would the most winning downhill board of all time which is meant to be 65/35 not be the most ideal setup?

it wasn’t designed with 50 degree trucks in mind as has already been mentioned… read the thread again bro :wink:

Yes it was. Direct from the owner of Landyachtz mouth. :slight_smile:

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I have 45/25 with 2.5mm front rake and 5mm rear rake on a rayne fortune and I like it (164mm width). Can’t speak for the Evo from experience

how would carvons in the rear with 45 degree surfrodz rkp in the front work for an evo?

The Evo deck is designed for 50s. I don’t know why people keep wedging and changing geometry. If you put 50s on there, my god man. It really is the dreamiest deck on the planet. I say that in spite of pressing my own.

Any build on the Evos, especially the Carvons… i mean shit just stop building anything else. Everyone just hang up whatever your working on and start building on Evos if you really love yourself and want to fill the world with joy and wonder.

Full disclosure, i just finished another build and am now drinking. I have the tires on backwards, and i fucking hate myself for that, but whatever. There are running TB’s 50s. Because 50 is actually a really good all purpose angle. But 45s on the front is also nice.


Can someone else measure the angles on the 39" Evo deck?

I know they are supposed to be +/- 15 degrees but I measured mine and they are closer to -9 degrees on the rear and +10 degrees on the front.

So without any wedges and the same truck angles the stock difference is 19 degrees instead of 30.

I can’t get along with a 65/35 split… Even for a pump/slalom set up that is too much front & back for me :neutral_face:

Same here. I don’t know the exact angles, but I’ve tried to de-wedge both of them with 12 degree risers, but the risers overcorrected the angles.

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i tested today with 15 and 10 degree risers( idk how different the feel is compared to changing the baseplate) used TB 50 trucks. front\rear

  1. 50\25 - i really really liked this one but the board is not able to stand on the rear 6.5" pnummies like before lol. i will keep using it thou bc it feels very stable and still able to turn. very predictable

  2. 55\35 - feels weird, way better than 65\35 but i felt like i had to put more effort(body weight use and foot placement) turning with this setup at less than 15mph than with 50\25 even though the front angle is higher.

  3. 65\35 - i wouldn’t recommend it pass 20-25mph (twitchy). slight unevenness, gravel,cracks on the road can get difficult to control pass that speed.

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How does those configurations compare to a 50/50 setup?

im not sure bout the evo on 50\50 man. shouldn’t be that different from other dropped decks, idk for sure thou bc i didnt even think about trying, the design is meant to go fast. if anything you would turn more but less stable at higher speed depending on skill level for freeride and some downhill i would get a symmetrical board; for speed i love my evo :grin:

Thanks, yeah I don’t have an Evo and that might be very different to my decks. Also, my setup tops out at 50 km/hr.

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depending on gearing i could do 40+mph :roll_eyes: theoretically. its about 35mph right now with 16\60t pulleys. maybe one day ill try 107mm wheels with smaller pulley now that i found more stable angles

Does anyone in this thread know if the 36" inch evo falcon has different wedging angles? I thought I read somewhere that the angles were less dramatic on the falcon.

Pretty sure it’s the same angles, but entire board is just shortened 10%.

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They are the same.

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