Evolve 38T abec pulleys with 10mm and 8mm bore bearings [ SOLD ]

Hey guys,

I purchased 2 38T pulleys from Evolve last week for a project which ended up not working with my build so selling both of them.

These will come with bearings that were custom ordered from the EU that fit these pulleys.


2x 38T pulleys 2x 22x10x6mm bearings for oversize axles 2x 22x8x6mm bearings for standard axles

Total shipped in the CONUS will be $80 shipped for everything.

What’s the belt width on those?

Evolve uses 15mm belts.

Yeah is 15mm

I think I want them. How well do they fit? And how’s the alignment?

Well they are made specifically for the Abecs so alignment is perfect.