Evolve Bamboo Enclosure riser

I have made a number of enclosure risers for mine and other riders Bamboo boards using a 3D printer but the 12hr+ print time was driving me insane. Hence the molded single piece with Polyurethane liquid plastic. I have changed the design slightly from the one found online, it is much easier to fit than the 6 or 8 piece version. I am selling these on my website for AS$55. Esk8 members $45. Postage in Australia is $8.50 not sure about oversea’s postage.


Does it have a little hump that fills up the W concave?

No, but the new enclosure I am making will as it is slightly longer and goes over the deeper recess of the deck. I wasn’t able to do it with the cast part unless I make a two part mold which then introduced other casting issues due to the long thin shape. The new enclosures are machined so I can shape both sides to fit perfectly.

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Excellent work bro, look forward to seeing the new ones!

How tall they are? How tall is the lip?

The base is 7mm and the lip 2mm