Evolve Bamboo GEN2 - Dual Motor w/Flipsky DUAL VESC (HELP!)

Hey guys, so I am getting ready to attempt to convert an old Evolve Bamboo Gen2 (single motor) I have laying around to a dual motor board (Front/Rear). I have never worked with VESCs before, but chose the Flipsky DUAL 4.2 100A VESC, so I was just wondering if anyone could help a brother out with some questions as they arise, my only major concerns are how to integrate/splice in the BMS and Bluetooth remote (evolve). Please let me know if anyone has any input on this, thanks!

you can’t, maybe the BMS but the active data display will not work with any other ESC.

Hey guys, so after my post yesterday I realized the Evolve remote receiver was integrated into the Evolve ESC, so I ordered a new remote/receiver. Can anyone tell me if I am going to have further problems with the BMS/Port/Switch once the remote arrives?

I was just wondering if you’re planning to keep the stock battery of your evolve? Because that motor is only 350W so maybe it’s also a very weak lipo battery pack and can’t handle high currents. I asume the battery is different from the new evolve boards with the dual motors, which pull much more current.