Evolve Bamboo GT (old model) Battery Upgrade Mod question

Hey guys, I’ve had my Bamboo GT battery upgraded by someone from UK, however that guy no longer does this. I was thinking to do it myself - it didn’t seem that difficult, but I have no idea where to start. I want the longest range obviously, I think 18650 would fit me, but I’m not entirely sure where to order it from or where to start. If someone could give me some advice I would highly appreciate it! My range is down to 7km and its sad ;(

Be aware that if you get the wrong items, it can be a big issue.

But I highly recommend learning from professionals on how to make a proper battery for esk8. Failure to understand how to make it 100% safe can cause trouble.

More info here:

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thanks for the tips! I would much rather just pay someone to help me, but sadly not entirely sure how to find who would be up for it lol. If someone’s from UK here, I’m London based - hmu!

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