Evolve bamboo gt one motor brakes but won’t go forward

ANyone know what can be the issue?

I’ve had a couple of instances where the motor brakes but does not accelerate and both times it was a faulty connection in the battery pack. YMMV.

But I turn off the board for a bit the. It works again but always the board brakes

What I’m picturing is a connection that works fine when the board is cold or first turned on, but as soon as you put a load on it it heats up and the connection separates a bit more so power can’t get through. But when you brake the connection cools off just enough to get you a bit of braking.

That was the case with my board. I melted one of my inter-pack connectors and if you looked at it it looked burned but ok; but when you poke at it the connection disintegrates.

Anyway, swapped out all the interconnects for much bigger wire and everything has been fine since.

I believe it is one of my hall sensors