Evolve Bamboo Gt top speed mods

Is there anyway I can get my Bamboo Gt to do 30+ mph… can I change the gear pulleys to 18t. I don’t want to kill the range because the range is bad enough as is. Any links someone can provide. I have the 97 Alexa on there as well

You will probably need longer belts as well. Not much room to use anything larger than stock.

You think so? Does anyone know first hand?

If you switch to a larger pulley, you will need a larger belt. You could get bigger wheels though and gain a couple mph without having to change gearing.

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Bigger than 97 abecs ?

Yes. 107mm abec 11s come to mind. Or 6" pneumatics? mwahahaa!


That was the first thing I was going to do… but, don’t you have to shave down the wheels? I don’t want to break the bank for the extra 4 mph but I want it to keep up with my single motor diy board

Can’t you print a pulley with a spacer? I’m sure somebody had figured that out. My 150mm pneumatic wheels would work though. Maybe just break the bank for awhile lol Check with @caustin

honestly you can shave down the inside of the 107 super ghetto - just use a belt sander lol. be aware it takes forever and urethane is TOXIC. not “good toxic” like the britney song - bad toxic like tumors in lab rats toxic. Don’t breathe it - it stays in your lungs


Both @psychotiller and @FredSaberhagen are correct. You can get 107mm ABECs to work in a couple of ways. Honestly though, at this point I would just wait a month and see the newly redesigned 107mm ABECs which should work unaltered as modified away from centerset design and a few other changes. Can also move to 20T motor pulley, both of these will go be more top speed largely at tradeoff of torque more than range I believe but am not a master of the science as others are.

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I have a 20T setup on 83mm flywheels. You need 255mm belts. Also, I get better range using this setup than stock on 97’s (I have a lot of stop and go streets so the unsprung mass does make a difference). The decreased torque is noticeable in fast mode, but doesn’t matter in GT. But I ordered 200kV motors to also test efficiency rated at 28-30mph using 15-38T gearing. Oh, fair warning, the 200kV’s are barely tested so don’t know for sure Evolve’s esc’s can handle them, but I speculate that they can, which is why I’m testing them.