Evolve battery for DIY?


I’m currently doing my first DIY build and I’d just like to know if anyone’s tried using any of the evolve batteries in a build? I’m on a budget and trying to find a Li-on battery for a reasonable price is extremely difficult over here in NZ. I’ve only found one person who does custom batteries in the whole country while providing a warranty but it’ll take a couple of weeks to get parts, make it and send it over from the other side of the country.

Getting the evolve battery would just be easier since their warehouse is right by my house and it already comes with its own enclosure. Only issue is that I’m not sure if there might be a compatibility issues and when I’ve asked them about it they say “we can only speak for our own boards and cannot give you an answer”.

Thanks in advance guys :slight_smile:

…and gals

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Evolve uses sansung 35E cells, which has a lot of voltage sag after 36v (10s) or 43.2v (12s). They’re not good and most Evolve buyers hates their battery…

If you need a good battery, I’d recommend getting P42As as they’re highly recommended for esk8. I’d go with Molicells M50A myself since they’re similar to 30qs but with more capacity. I don’t need much amps for my builds since I’m not much for speed. Going 40+mph is good enough for me.

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I got someone to make a custom 10s3p 12Ah with 21700 cells.

Extra question, I’m tryna decided between a "battle hardened’ flipsky 6368 190kv and a regular flipsky 6354 motor from. Which one would you recommend?

I’m leaning toward the 6368 but it recommends I have vesc6, the vesc I had to end up getting is only 4.12. Would I still be able to use the motor or would it break something in the chain?

Also, is “battle hardened” a big deal? Do I need it?

I own a battle hardened motor and they’re great. It’s basically a covering of the motor so dirt don’t ruin it. It may also protect your motor from water but I’m not sure. It also takes a lot of amps so it is recommended for a vesc6 type esc. Vesc 4 is a bit outdated, so if you’re using that, do not use the 6368. Best to go with something that doesn’t need a lot of amps. Like the 50xx motors.

But I do recommend getting the vesc6 type escs. You’ll be glad you got it.

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Yeah the vesc6 type esc’s was just wayyy above budget right now and I figured I could upgrade it later. I really wanted the makerx you’d recommended but just couldn’t afford with the shipping.

I can’t get any 50mm motors here that are between 180kv to 200kv without paying a large amount for shipping. Would I be able to reduce the amount of amps it takes through the software until I upgrade the vesc? I know the vesc will be like a choke point in the chain of electronics, I’m just wondering if it’ll work without damaging anything until I decide to upgrade it?

FYI: The two motor options I’ve mentioned are around the same price.

It’d be ideal to get the better motor now and only have to upgrade the VESC later (which means I can spend more on a new vesc instead of splitting the money between a new vesc and new motors).

You can lower the amps no problem. *You just won’t have the best experience with them. Until then, try to save up for the vesc-based esc. If you just want to get the motors first, just remember this answer.

It is a VESC based ESC. It’s just VESC4.12 instead of VESC6

I know. Don’t worry about that. Just remember to lower the amps.

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Aight thank you thank you once again

I bought a pair of FS H5055 200kv for around $100 each direct. You can get them on aliexpress for half that if you want to wait a month.

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Aren’t those hub motors?

I got the battle hardened 6068’s off banggood.com for around the same. I’m in New Zealand btw so shipping literally kills on most websites.

Nah they’re 50mm out runners. Same as 5045 and 5065.

I paid the extra to get them in 7 days from flipsky was $40 postage to Sydney.

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Yeah rip for that shipping