EVOLVE bms, bldc controllers and remotes

Evolve electronics for sake. BMS- $100 EVOLVE BLDC CONTROLLERS $200 w/ power button and charge port R1 remote. $50 R2 remote $80 image image image image image


:sob: I chucked my old evolve controllers in the Pacific Ocean. Duck me, didn’t Consider selling here.

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Does the r2 come with the receiver?

Evolve receivers are integrated into the esc. So it would not be able to come with the receiver.

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I see


U selling the charging port n the power button ? Thx

for all and Shipping to germany

What condition is the r2? And how much would shipping be to the west coast?

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Hey, do you still have the r2 remote?

yes, I do. Did you need one?

I want it but it’s out of my price range, esk8 is breaking my bank😂

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True for sure, I look at this way I couldn’t afford it if I didn’t sell it for a part-time gig. What is your price range?

I’m not trying to spend more then 40, spent 400 today on a boosted today

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I defiantly understand

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Apparently it does that😂

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I need that bms still available?

Unfortunately, It’s not available anymore.

What? On the contrary, you did a favor to the rest of us. Their electronics are crap.

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Hello ! Is the motor controller still available ?

Hi by and chance the evolve motor controller is it still available