Evolve Carbon GT DIY

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my next board and the Carbon GT seems almost perfect…almost. The design looks incredible. I think it’s so far ahead of anything on the market aesthetically. But the build quality and QC issues scare the shit out of me. Motors burning out, remote disconnects, faulty motor mount design, inferior battery cells etc etc. It seems as though Evolve took the easy way out on things, in terms of quality of parts and quality of build.

DIY has come a long way recently, particularly in terms of aesthetics. I’m wondering how close you could come to building something very similar to the CGT (ie- carbon fiber deck with integrated enclosure), but with top of the line parts and build quality. Is this possible? Has anyone done something similar?


I for one reckon you could easily build something a lot better than the carbon GT yourself. especially for the price point.

Right, I would think that the deck is the secret sauce though. Where can I find a carbon fiber deck with an integrated enclosure? I think both Evolve’s and Marbel’s look really nice.

*I’ve also never built a board and have no idea what I am doing, so I could be underselling the difficulty of surpassing the CGT

doing your own carbon fibre might take a little bit of practice but its not beyond the realms of possibility to do it yourself. there are a number of people on here who are quite good with the carbon and have some good tips and instructions.

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