Evolve Carbon GT Randomly won't turn on & Randomly shuts down

Hey guys, my board sometimes does not turn on, and when it does turn on, it only stays on for about out 5 or 10 minutes shuts down, and then doesn’t turn on again. for about another 10-20 minutes. Has anybody has this problem? I opened the board, and it looked like everything was properly connected, but it keeps doing it, up to the point where I don’t feel safe riding it because it may power down & the brakes won’t work. feedback would be appreciated ASAP, as I do use this board for transportation everyday

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I’m having the same exact issues with my Bamboo got. Was it your bms or each causing the problem?

Hello. I had the issue with my carbon gt. I was one of the first people to get theirs and it turned out that in the early batches the bms wire connections would rub up against another component and briefly shut off. It would cause random dropouts during the ride.

I took it to them because the board was still under warranty and I was near their shop. They ended up having to switch to a different bms model. They changed mine out and gave me the newer generation remote and it never had another issue.

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