Evolve carbon gt rebuild questions

Hello, This is my first post/ first build, though I’ve been a long time lurker. My carbon gt’s bms went bad last fall and evolve wouldn’t let me buy a new one or attempt to repair it because it has a battery mod. I decided to gut it and diy. I kept the deck, battery (made by @longhairedboy ), and motors.

Specs–> Battery - 10s4p 30qs: Bms - bestech PCM HCX-D596 (80 amp discharg): Motor controllers - duel focboxes (connected via canbus): Motors - stock evolve (150 kv?), Controller - gt2b / 3d printed enclosure, Gearing - stock evolve 15/ 32, Wheels- abec 97s

I’m using foc mode and set battery amps to 30, motor amps to 60. My issue is with the top speed. I’m only getting to 19 or 20 mph. I know foc mode causes me to lose some speed, but it’s so smooth and quiet. Should i switch to bldc mode to get my desired 25-27 mph? Also, my bluetooth won’t connect while I’m riding. Any tips are appreciated, and thank you all for the invaluable knowledge I’ve gained from this forum.20190316_142251 20181016_011741


@topcloud is currently doing CGT rebuild. maybe you two should start a PM

Damn he’s still typing. My lecture already finished and I’m halfway to breakfast! Knowledge nuke incoming :joy:

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Thanks @anon64938381 and @Matt-T, welcome to our forum :slight_smile:

If you’re a ‘stock’ Evolve owner looking for a new ESC & controller combo, please watch this:

Jacob and team have worked with Hobbywing - the manufacturer of the ESC shipped with popular Chinesk8 platforms like Ownboard, Verreal, etc. - and together, they’ve programmed a low-cost, dual ESC that is made specifically for the Evolve GT.

Should be on sale, soon. [email protected]

@Matt-T for you, do suggest new mounts and motors since you’re already in a LHB build:



These are the components I’ve personally bought from @okp, along with @riverside.rider’s Haggy Bergmeister wheels to lower the height of the Evolve, increasing confidence at speed:


Finally, an option that @DAddYE and @BillGordon uncovered is the eLofty drivetrain, or what I personally call the SuperKarvon :wink:


Because you are in a LHB build, you could simply drop these in:


Full review located where all the cool kids are posting their builds at http://

I’ve also purchased this drivetrain, yet it hasn’t arrived yet. My eLofty is going into this Evolve Carbon (bench pic is not mine, I don’t know the builder) with TorqueBoards 110 mm wheels (instead of the Haggy wheels, pictured, until we develop an eLofty-Bergmeister adapter):

36969589_203730700306732_5221713374668128256_n fullsizeoutput_2124 qQ69Q25bQpSlTKT0CYz7KQ

UNIK dual 6355 is proven.

eLofty SuperKarvon is promising.

Either way, I think you’d have fun. I picked both :slight_smile: Good luck to you!



Thanks for the suggestions topcloud. Any ideas on how I can increase my top speed with my current gear?

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increase wheel size, increase motor kv, or maybe increase amps? You might not be giving it the whole Chalupa :man_shrugging:

Only three ways to get more speed, bud; higher voltage, lower gear ratios or try downhill. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps

Edited to add: https://www.hyperionesk8.com has tons of Evolve accessories you can use to change your gearing at 40% off with code 40%OFFEVOLVE

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Looks like the battery worked out? Or did you end up having to swap the bms?

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stock evolve 15/ 32

The easiests and cheapest way… is to turn up that 15 into smthng else, perhaps 19T or 20T and even lower that 32 into a 29T or 23T. You’ll fly like a Condooorrr! Board Bumpers sell some interesting steel motor pulleys and nylon wheel pulley kits for stock Evolve boards not availabe elsewhere that will fit a wide range of wheels, 83mm & 97mm Evolve, 97mm ABEC, etc. Keep in mind they are from Down Under.



Wheel Size … Tooth # … Speed

83mm … Stock 32 … 36kph

83mm … Upgrade 29 … 40kph

97mm … Stock 32 … 42kph

97mm … Upgrade 29 … 47kph

…or if you want to become a racing maniac and attain extreme speeds (hi precaution with this BB option and always be aware your board could go into thermal shut down.) here is the top option for your daredevil soul…


Wheel Size … Tooth # … Speed

83mm … Stock 32 … 36kph

83mm … Upgrade 23 … 50kph


Never mind those ‘Trampa Gummies’ titles, those wheels are one of their candidates, but as long as you use these pulleys on stock Evolve boards, with Evolve motor shafts and Evolve stock or ABEC wheels, you be a’right…

Run Forrest, Runnnnn!!!

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Evolve Gen2 Carbon, Unity, your battery, etc. are all heading to @Sender once the eLofty arrives :slight_smile:


Thank you everyone. I’m hesitant to increase my max battery amps, but the stock evolve motor controller must have been pulling more than 30 per motor because i could go 25-26 mph. I changed my vesc to Bdlc, but had trouble with the motor sensors being detected, so i set them sensorless. The top speed was only a mph or so different than FOC. I already have extra unik 63 size mounts. Im thinking of getting some 190-200 kv 6355s and going back to FOC.

@Chase The battery was originally built with the evolve bms/ esc/ controller. The evolve bms went bad, the controller was saying “battery error” and shutting down the board. I replaced the evolve bms with the bestech one and installed 2 focboxes. I kept the battery pack though.

The cheapest and fastest way to increase speed is buy a set of new pulleys and bests. The job could be done for around $20 and in 10 min.

Curious if anyone has tried using the 6355 motors with stock internals? or what your thoughts on that might be. Would it melt the controller board?

He’s modding the Gen2 Evolve Carbon, which is not the Gen3 Carbon GT.

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Looks like Easter Bunny has something special for TorqueBoards and eLofty axial drive owners, this year.

Best hop to it. :wink: