Evolve clone with loaded tan tien. Cut the tail?

I completed a build on an AT KIT from diyeboard on a loaded icarus, and I am very happy with it. diyeboard icarus

Now I am building an evolved clone, looking for a lighter, and smoother ride. Already have all the parts

  • 2 trampa vesc 6 (I also have 2 focbox ??)
  • 2 racerstar 5065 BRH5065 140KV (I also have 2 Ollin motors 200 kv ??)
  • Evolve Supercarve Trucks
  • Evolve AT kit (wheels, Drive Gears, 2x Drive Belts, etc)
  • nano X remote
  • 10s5p battery (will be mounted on top of the deck like my previous build)

My problem is the deck. I would like to use a loaded tan tien, BUT the tail is too big and it does interfere with the motor, not enough clearance (see pics). I am thinking on cutting the tail of the board (see pic). Would that compromise the integrity of the board??? I may also just top mount the trucks (instead of drop through) and add some spacers, but I would like to have the deck close the floor.

I also have a loaded vanguard, that fits ok without any modification. But I prefer the tan tien.

Any other ideas?

20180712_192220 20180712_191818 Imagen1

Just for someone with the same problem. i did cut the tail, and it does work fine. I used a loaded icarus, that had the same issue, long tail touch the motors. Was a bit painful to cut such a beatifull board… totally worth it! See the pics.

20180830_07491020180830_074903 20180830_07403020180830_074034

Being someone that is always modding on boards, I’ve done countless custom cut jobs on various boards in various ways and have never had a failed deck. Even cut a 42" Sector Nine down to about 26" with no problems. Integrity of board is still solid with no stress signs of fatigue. Good built boards can usually take a good bit of cutting before they fail. Just make good clean cuts and you should be fine. Don’t forget to resand edges and seal after cutting. Don’t want any exposed wood to the elements.

I offset the mounts by 15 degrees or there abouts - drilled 3 new holes and an extra as a pin. 19720207_1010648245744329_80815042_o

Clever. Did not thought about that one.