Evolve ESC & BMS

I’m hoping to acquire an Evolve ESC and BMS for a DiY GTX project. I’m based in the US and will pay for shipping, if anyone has either available to sell. I’m willing to buy one without the other.

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Why are you looking exacly for evolves esc?

It fits easily into the GTX battery housing. To be specific, I would like an ESC with the heatsink attached, which would then fit into the housing.

I do have dual Focboxes with hopes of receiving a heatsink for them to mount onto, which would also fit on the GTX housing, but that is currently still being looked into.

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I’m relatively sure the only way to get an Evole BMS is to get a whole skateboard

This combo is one of the weakest parts of an Evolve; possible lockups, unstable connection… So dual FOCBOX’s is a far better choice.

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:sweat_smile: Yeah, I’m just itching to plug & play and ride already…my board has been out of commission for 2 months and my DiY board is on standby. The wiring will be interesting when hooking the motors up to the FocBoxes though.

I have a spare evolve bms from the carbon GT. They took it out of mine because they had said it was rubbing up against the other components and they needed to change it out from the older model. That being said if it doesn’t work perfectly you could have your money back. Not too sure of what I’d have to take for it though. As mentioned you can’t really buy them so when it’s gone that’s it and I know in reality it’s not some pricey component. I geuss you can make an offer if interested.

Hey there do you still have that bms available? If so does $60 sound okay?

Oh bud that went instantly

I have a heatsink that’s for upgrading your evolve esc to duel focboxs and I have 2 bldc controllers (evolve)