Evolve ESC: Right Motor Cable Power Issue

I frayed a power cable that connects from the ESC to my right motor during a ride (DiY battery pack, too large, physically pushed the cable into a circuit board edge during a test ride). Upon troubleshooting the issue, I found that the motor that worked during the test ride is now hardly performing. The motor is no longer rotating; it just twitches slightly. When connecting to the non-damaged esc power cable, the motor works. Would anyone happen to know what the cause/solution may be?

I tried to splice & solder the frayed wire together, but the issue is still occurring. Am I screwed? Do I need to buy a replacement ESC?

If you swap the left & right motors and the same one still fails, the ESC is bad. If you swap them and you switch which one works, then the motor is bad.

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Where on the circuit board did the wire get pushed onto? Do you have a photo of or know the exact place? Is there a burn mark on the circuit board?

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It was wrapped around the corner in both of the above pics. Unfortunately, the motors only fail when connecting to that damaged wire. I think you are correct; instead of the issue being isolated to the frayed cable, my ESC is most likely damaged.

I could not see any burn marks on the ESC right off the bat. I could open it up for further inspection, but I am starting to think a replacement is necessary.

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Im interested in this as well. I dont have evolve but dual chinese esc is doing similar behaviour - one ‘side’ of esc works, while the other twiches the motor…

In my case I can even ride a bit but it cogs and wants to stop the motor badly…

I will check whenever caps are all ok, as this was the only thing I can come up with or it is just software related somehow…

Anyways… would be cool to find out what causes twiching in general