Evolve F1 Abec 11 107mm out!

They new Evolve F1 Abec 11 107mm wheels are out now! They are also priced okey in my opinion compared to other 107mm abec 11 wheels!


Apparently, they charge extra for shipping as well…


You mean they’re not 350? :joy:


yea xD 10char

As always, I couldn’t help it and bought them :sweat_smile:

Hopefully this is a good middle ground for me between 97mm flys and pneumatics. Hopefully I don’t just go right back to pneumatics after buying them.

edit: The top speed at 200kv 10s is going to be disgustingly fast. Be safe my 12s friends :stuck_out_tongue:


Ordered :joy: Was almost about to buy black 97mm from metroboard not expecting these to be available for sale lol

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Time to go tear through the garage to find something to sell to make up for what I have done


I’m in as well

The metro 97s have been really really good to me

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That is not a bad price… very fair (knowing the OEM cost). I’m surprised that they are selling them individually, I thought they were only for their complete boards.

Isnt the duro on metro flywheels a bit too hard?

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You criminal! Your girlfriend/wife/mom will be after you for what you’ve done. Run!!

Yes, I think they are. Either the black ones or the clear reds.

if you do, i’ll help you out and buy them from you

Yeah, they are priced ok… but they also suggest you buy their wheel pulley kit with a pair of stupid belts…$94 bucks!! There is your venom. :skull_crossbones:

That crazy lunatic and his unicorn ABECs

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Most expensive wheels I’ve bought so far :yum:

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Don’t tell, don’t tell meeeee!! ('Am having compulsive wallet spasms right now) :money_mouth:

Hundred and Fifty Seven bucks…are you kidding mee?? That’s the price of an entire entry level e-board!!

I put $200 aside for these the day the Instagram picture went up :wink:


the abec11 reflex formula is this weird stuff, really amazing. The black metro 97mm reflex ride much nicer, imo, than the green non-reflex stuff. This was the case for me before electrifying too, with 76mm gumballs, the pink reflex stuff had better vibration absorption and rollout (keeping momentum) and feel.

At this point my eyes automatically glaze over when I see ABEC11 reflex, and i wake up a few minutes later with email notification of a purchase.