Evolve GT AT Kit on DIY


I am trying to build a board where I can use both 83mm urethane flywheels and mountainboard wheels. I am thinking about the GT AT Kit from evolve but they don’t tell you a lot about the dimensions on the website.

I have a pair of caliber trucks (218mm). I am using enertion motor mount kit.

My questions are: Are there any builds with Evolve Mountainboard wheels? (Couldn’t find any while searching) What would be the best option, psychotiller 6 shooter, Evolve or some trampa wheels? Any tips on building with mountainboard wheels are also apprieciated.

Those are Caliber2-style trucks, not Paris-style. Just don’t want you to end up with the wrong motor mounts.

The best option is by far @psychotiller’s 6shooter, 8-inch mtb wheels w your setup will be hard to fit.

I am sorry, I did a misstake. They are Caliber2 style trucks just like you said :slight_smile:

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I’d go for that kaly NYC build, that uses the trampa street board. They use mountain board wheels and 90mm wheels with it.

I have a Bamboo Gt, but when I used it in AT form, it ate belts up where I ride. My trampa build, much tougher.

Also, I use the 7" Evolve tires with my superstar rims on my trampa build.