Evolve GT Carbon with 100mm MBS AT Longboard Wheels

Just a shout out to @JuniorPotato93 for the enormous work he did to put an insane number of wheel pulley STL files onto the forum for ABEC, clones, MBS, and of course the extreme 107mm wheel pulleys! I have been using quite a few of them in preparation for my next build (107mm 4WD, will start a thread) but they have also become my goto for everyday NYC streets. I was able to fit the MBS ATL wheels on my Evolve GT, see below I am running 38T with 15mm and 9mm belts to see which rules. Moving to 44T pulleys next week for comparison, then finally 50T to see how that changes things…for me and NYC its all about torque and stopping power lol. Other Evolve (and any build really), definitely consider giving these a shot!


Is there a guide on how to make these wheels fit on a GT/what parts I need? Or do they fit by default?

That looks awesome!!

beautiful, do you use 15mm and 9mm belts?

and be carefull with 50t, very low clearance :wink:

@caustin How has the board been riding? Can you shed some light into whether a non-mechanically inclined person is capable of putting these wheels on a Carbon GT? Super interesting.

Can you post more pictures. Also have you had a chance to try 97mm abecs by any chance. How do they compare?

Yes, sorry I forgot this thread. Yes it took some experimenting, but these MBS AT wheels can be installed without requiring much modification. I don’t have it from memory but can check tomorrow. It takes a different setup of space speed washers and 3D wheel pulleys printed from @JuniorPotato93 awesome design available in the forum and easily printed in 3Dhub or other. The belts need to be refitted resized, but in this case I was swapping out the eccve 38T upgrade with @JuniorPotato93 38T wheel pulley to simplify things. Would recommend sticking with the 15mm width belt and pulley, I tried 12mm and 9mm to check what fit.

Can post some not pictures of this setup, but yes I have run the evolve gt cf with ABEC 97mm and 97mm clones as well as most other ABEC sizes and Kegels. All worked well, except for 107mm which do require truck or wheel modification non-trivial. The 97mm ABEC ran the best, with size to handle street hazards, best uro for grip, and best top speed based on diameter. Uro and contact patch felt best by a good measure. These MBS are great in non-pavement transition but the rounded concave contact patch has limited grip on flat street so wary of slicks in light rain etc.

Thanks for this post. So for rough pavement (not wet, just not well paved) would you recommend the 97mm ABECs or the 100mm MBS?

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IMO the ABECs are just as good in that terrain and better in rest if street conditions so more versatile performer except off-road dirt. The 97mm size is essentially the same as 100mm MBS and will roll over anything, with better grip.


Thanks for the info. I just received my 97mm abecs and they’re great.

only if you could do this to the 97mm abecs then you could have best of both??

There is some debate on how those perform in water, somewhat counter-intuitive.

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I’ll try get the opinion of someone who’s done this with numerous wheels to get a first hand experience report. It will only be regular Longboarding experience however

Ive done it to my longboard (non electric) and i dont see much difference, no matter what if you are riding in rain you are going to get alot of water getting picked up from the wheels, i was more saying that they could be better for on / off road instead of the mbs as they would have more grip?? why would you want to ride in the rain anyways haha. I suppose if you go caught out but riding with wet roads is asking for trouble… ive been there haha

Yup just asked someone, they replied: grooves in the wheels do indeed help with grip on wet pavement, however they are less grippy on dry road, [perhaps due to less of a contact patch. ] all skate wheels will flick up water whether they have grooves or not. Overall reccomended for rain skating this guy has no experience with pneumatic wheels so he cant compare

How about on sandy patches of pavement, I am thinking about taking a ride down Santa Monica beach thats why. Theres a nice paved trail that runs along the beach. Would those grooves help with traction?

I dont think anyone has tried the grooves in the wheel i posted and i must say they do orangatang wheels as well but i would say yes on the fact that it is the same pattern as car tyres.

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I got the MBS wheels a month ago, I’ve been riding my Never Summer Reaper with them:

  1. They look awesome, much better than the Abec 11

ABEC 11 97mm

MBS 100mm

  1. When they are brand new, the contact patch is only 30% of the total surface of the wheel over pavement, however I still haven’t loose any traction, on wet floors at full throttle from a dead stop I was able to loose traction for a second.

  2. They are harder than Abec 11 75A, even though they are 78A, only 3A more, you can realy feel it on bad roads.

  3. It’s more difficult to brake the board with these wheels because of their added mass compared with the ABEC 11.

  4. Concave stance looks amazing, you can visualize a wider, meaner , more agressive board, it looks like you used a wider truck.

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