Evolve gt motor clicking

Hi all,

One of the motors on my evolve bamboo gt has started clicking. Its only a soft click and it’s still working ok, but I assume it’ll need a replacement sooner or later.

I’ve changed out the wheel and gear bearings so it’s not that. Anything else worth investigating?

From what I can come up with racerstar 5065 motors are a direct replacement but they don’t seem to be very available at the moment :man_shrugging:

Is there another motor that will drop straight in? Or am I best just ordering from evolve?

Secondly, at I ok to replace just 1 motor if it’s the same spec? Or best to do both?

motor bearings can click. Sure, replace, or AN D get a new bearing kit and use for spare.

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These motors click. All the time. It’s just what they do.

Yes, the Racerstar 5065 at 140Kv is a drop-in replacement. I’m not aware of any other.

You can just replace one.

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So open the motor and replace the bearings inside?

So a clicking motor is not urgent? Or that’s just the common way they fail?

I don’t like the clicking at all but it’s never caused me to fall off or locked up the wheel or anything. But your experience may vary. Those motors are poop.

Eventually the can might start slipping on the axle, but the Evolve ESC doesn’t have enough power to do that, most likely.