Evolve GT-R (dual 6384)

You predicted the future dammit.


hear hear!


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I’m a goddamned psychic.

But its worse than even i imagined. they went with the Samsung 35E over the 30Q which was a stupid choice for what basically amounts to a ~45 amp board. In a 4P config the 35E is only stated to comfortably put out 8 amps, which would be 32 amps total. that’s “comfortable” output, mind you, so assuming the cells will happily exceed their nominal stated output like a lot of cells will, you’re going to still see sag. Maybe even as bad as it was with the pop-tart pouches. But then they go on to talk up all the amps their board draws when climbing hills and shit? I mean how can they climb a hill on that cell and talk about “feeling the difference” with a straight face?

I have to assume that they walked into Samsung’s cell show room and got confused with all the mellon-berry flavored cells in there. Even the aging 25R (sour apple) would have been a better choice. Oh how about the good old HE2 (root beer) from LG?

Yes, all of my cells are referred to by flavor. It’s just a thing i’m doing.


This…True story.

There where probably just looking for the highest capacity cell and didnt think about anything else.


I think it’s a fair assessment that Evolve think the 35E is better in their case. With their own bms and ESC and this specific dual 5065 140kv setup aimed at 24mph and slower than DIY acceleration, it doesn’t need much current to ride comfortably. Problem arise for those who wants to upgrade their GTR. It basically is the same situation as the GTX, battery swap + unity + bypass +motor swap. So no consideration for DIYer at all.

I like the bamboo GTR a lot. The only thing that blows was the speed.

it’s not even about the DIYers. I’m rage typing all about them right now because in spite of the mountain of evidence i (and a lot of others by this point) have provided both them and the world that the 30Q is the absolute best option (performance for price) for their power level, they have gone with something that belongs in a rechargeable screwdriver. I wouldn’t even put that cell in a vape pen. It was money. They got a deal on some shitty utility cell, and went with that. Their videos for the GTX were similar in mind-set, a guy holding up the bamboo cell vs the GTX cell and was like “this one is bigger”.

Those cells are going to run pretty warm on hills, and I’ll bet the new packs have similar life spans to their old ones.


I understand the big flexy battery on the bamboo deck but wtf why on the carbon deck it dosnt flex and they could have fit a bigger battery in the carbon deck.


simply because of “Tech”

Cheaper manufacturing thats all.

Two questions for you… One that 30Q is the best, what are your thoughts on the VTC5A if cost is $3.50/cell shipped compared to 30Q?

Secondly, I think it would be cool if they offered their flex PCB that we could spot weld our P groups and solder directly to a variety of flex PCBs if they would make them, with breakouts on the end to connect up any BMS. Is this something you would be interested in if they offered it?

Bcs the Carbon deck also flex a little bit

so you can make one battery instead of two, or the three they’ve been making.

At evolve’s scale the per cell difference would likely be negligible, but i guess every cent counts for bonuses.

Thier system is set up for 10S 4P in a flat pack design. I’d probably need to have my own printed for 12S in a trapezoidal (5P) or rombus (6P) stacking pattern. I’m curious how much it would cost to have a bunch of these copper ribbons made though. I mean i’d do it if the cost of entry isn’t stupid.

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What motors do they use in the GT-R? Same as in GTX?

Yeah, they updated the motors a while back but still using the same size.