Evolve GTX for sale

GTX AT for sale bought one year ago january 2018.It has a few scratches on it two remotes r1 & r2 works fine, both board and remotes.$1000 plus shipping have all the origional packaging.

This was my 1st electric skateboard and i love the turning radius really an awesome board I rotate between this and a custom trampa moutainboard.But I need money to add things to my trampa just looking to see if anyone will buy at this resale point.


The people want pictures


How many cycles does the battery have?

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@helpmebuild u joined this forum on my b-day.

20181105_153535 20180503_140508

200ish i think

It will say on the remote in one of the hidden menus



Do you still have the gtx?

Yes I have it still looking to sell

Would you consider parting it out?

Where are you located ?

Sorry if I have missed it somewhere but can’t seem to find location on most ad’s

You click their username and it tells you, but @helpmebuild didn’t fill out their profile

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located in TN, USA

great seller BTW, trustworthy and ships like mega-fast.

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Is this still available?