Evolve GTX v.s. Boosted Stealth v.s. Custom board

Absolutely agree but that’s what we are here for is it not? Like it or not we’re now involved in this decision and obligated for future tags. Well I am since it was my idea :thinking: @TheRafter Actually, get the evolve :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Just another option is all. Good luck and tag away with impunity. @Eretron that kind of upgrade can double the original cost of the board realistically.

Your first option is trash, evolve is a peice of junk, no torque, no top speed, cutouts, and death. Second option still trash, boosted motors have been breaking a lot and everyone in NYC is pretty pissed, 3rd option is nice but expensive, as @b264 said you’ll end up spending twice the money and being a d̶r̶u̶g̶ ̶a̶d̶d̶i̶c̶t̶ a responsible money managing person.


This kit is good for the money

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It is hey? When you think about it. Almost tempted to buy one for a quick build back up board.

I thought we agreed that were not supposed to acknowledge him when he’s right about something…:roll_eyes:


I know I know but it was momentary lapse in concentration. Won’t happen again.

Yeah! Seems like Metroboard is a neglected brand around here for no apparent reason (??). It dances circles around other famous brands in certain areas like range, quality, robustness, model types, spare parts availability, etc.

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I’m actually going to take a completely different route with a diy board

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There is always the option of buying a prebuilt DIY board from someone like @psychotiller. That way you could skip the learning curve and still have a board with solid and upgradable components.

The Evolve battery sucks, the quoted range is unobtainable unless you live in a completely flat country. If you happen to have any hills where you live, you will become really well acquainted with the term voltage sag.

100% true … and there is never a end. As min i always need parts for replacement, modifications or … the next project :sweat_smile:

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I have an Evolve Bamboo GT I love it just because it introduced me to this world, I had so much illusion with it, however once I did my first DIY board I knew I want going to ride the Evolve ever again, it’s a completely different world, better remote, better braking, programable throttle curves, a lot more range, a kicktail, more torque, more power, better Wheels, much better trucks, etc.

My Evolve is still hanged in the wall but I’ll ride it again once I switch all electronics


And no doubt inspired this masterpiece image


What are you going to do after all this attention? We like different.

that is amazing

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image image image 6374’s on my Evolve GTX. I’ve had a lot of fun with this board. Was a good place to start as I just wanted something to ride immediately. Great board to mod. Just sucks I spent so much money when in the end the only stock parts on it is the deck, trucks, & enclosure (which is also modded to fit 10s5p or 12s4p). But it’s fun to slowly upgrade and ride. Most important it’s exactly what I want. If your going to buy a boosted, evolve, etc I’d highly recommend finding them to test out. Especially if your not already a longboarder. I know at first I really wanted a carbon GT for the looks. However the ride of the GTX was so much more comfortable to me that it wasn’t even a question anymore. I personally don’t like the feel of the boosted. Try them out and see what you like best before pulling the trigger. It should give you a great idea of what you want in a board.

41481249_1782905551835520_5020456193634598912_o 41543113_1782905535168855_5551848471121625088_o

builder: @Idea


What deck is that? I really like it, but couldn’t find a similar one.

Deck - Restless Mantis

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