Evolve GTX v.s. Boosted Stealth v.s. Custom board

Hey guys, I’m new to the electric longboard market. I’ve been thinking quite a while about getting one, but I’m stuck between what to get/make. My three options are the Evolve GTX, Boosted Stealth, and making my own custom one.

Evolve GTX: With a promo code I have, it would be ~$1630. Some people say that they absolutely love it and it is the best board out there. Others say it is a piece of absolute junk. I don’t know what it is really like. If it can actually have a 31 mile range and has the power some people say it has, I would love to get it! Is it reliable? Is it actually faster and more powerful than boosted? I know it has dual 3000w motors on it.

Boosted Stealth: This one would run me ~$1500. I haven’t heard very much complaints about this brand. I hear it is extremely reliable, but that it doesn’t quite have as much power as the GTX. I also talked to a friend with one and he says that sometimes the 14mile range is a bit limiting. I do like the reliableness though.

Custom: I already basically have a custom board all planned out. I am using dual 4100w motors with a 450wh 18650 12s4p battery pack. Of course, since I’m building it, it won’t be nearly as reliable as the other two and it will run me about the same cost, around ~$1650. It will be a lot more powerful though and the battery should last around 20 miles which is much better than boosted.

I’m leaning towards Evolve GTX, but I just don’t know what would be better. All the reviews that I look at are extremely biased, so it is hard to know what the boards are really like. One video I watch will say that Evolve is amazing and boosted sucks, the very next video will say the exact opposite. Any unbiased insight on which one is better?

If you like building stuff, go for DIY! Remember it will likely be more expensive. But I think in the end it will be more rewarding because it is really your creation. If you want raw performance without really doing anything and you just want to ride, get a premade.

Everyone here will say go DIY, we’re not biased, I swear :sweat_smile::joy:


Honestly man, if you just want something that you can ride right away, go with the evolve. The battery is ok, and the power is pretty decent. With the gtx, you could also get a battery and motor upgrade sometime in the future. The boosted board is a good alternative too, and it charges pretty fast so if you drain the battery, it takes about an hour to recharge to max. The evolve takes 5-6 hours.

I have GTX as well as GT for a while now.

While they are not perfect, they are really solid boards. GTX battery is quite decent if you are not planning getting AT wheels, if you do, then a custom battery is a must.

(Getting ready to be destroyed for this) but I really like R2 evolve remote. For me it’s the best one made in whole eskate market.

One tip for you. Buy F1 107mm wheels for GTX from evolve. You won’t regret it…

One thing is for sure. After a while you will ending up making DIY board. We all did :joy:

Curious why not a Metroboard - they are better than Evolve or Boosted

Also DIY will cost more


Look at Trampa Orrsom longboard – very competitive with evolve GTX

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Right now, my diy board is actually 1400$, as I am working on it right now trying to reduce the price. Metroboard does have a better range, but its most expensive board goes the same speed as Boosted and slower than evolve and is 200$ more.

Diy will be better but not cheaper there a type of commitment when you diy.

Boosted stealth imo isn’t very good for the price. 25mph top speed takes a few years to get there and then when finally do the battery is dead 5 miles later.

If you like to cruise and just chill boosted will be fine but if you want to go fast and far you will be dissapointed.


What do you think about the Evolve GTX? Do you know very much about it?

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Too flexy for my taste but it’s a great board lots of power and range.

Diy is always going to be king in my book but most of us either has a pre-built or started on a pre built. Its always a good idea to go for a tried and tested platform though. Get the evolve and ride it, while riding it over a period of time you will start to know what you want from a diy and then either sell it and build from scratch or upgrade it to what you want. It is the best option to tune on the market and this forum is full of people making products and improvements for it. Same for the boosted but the performance of the boosted will do nothing for you out of the box.

I’d suggest Metro board instead of evolve or boosted like @b264 suggested they are one of the highest quality and most reliable prebuilts

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Yep but its not in that range is it? A dual runs for more money and if it was a keeper not an intro then I would fully agree. Was thinking on getting him started with a good tuning platform.

If you think top-speed is the most relevant metric here, just realize that what you think is important now may not be at all what is important to you later. I’d recommend

  1. reliability
  2. reliability
  3. serviceability
  4. tail
  5. water resistance
  6. weight
  7. range
  8. torque
  9. everything else
  10. top speed

Also, your DIY board will cost double what you think it will.


These are the truest words written anywhere by anyone


I did make a cost effective DIY thats high quality but I spent months waiting for the best deals on products and I already had some stuff from previous builds but in general you are right.


There is of course another option that might hit the best of both worlds for a first time diy and a reliable platform. A decent kit. All the components packaged and ready to assemble on the deck of your choice.
The torqueboards dual complete kit is $1300 atm I believe and includes everything but the deck.
collections/electric-skateboard-conversion-kit/products/pro3-electric-skateboard-conversion-kit The gear is good and in building it would give an insight into the componentry that a fully pre-built won’t. Oh and it will be so much more fun.

That kit is good for the price but building a board for the first time with no prior knowledge will be a steep learning curve. If you mess up and break a component ( happens allot actually even for experienced builders) that will add tremendously to the cost of the build.

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One more thing. Evolve GTX is a good board for later diy conversion. There are tons of stuff made for evolve platform to convert it to a awesome diy board.

There are few example of that on this very forum.


I have no experience building boards, but I do have experience building both electronical and mechanical stuff such as computers and air cannons and all.

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