Evolve - Icarus - Meepo | First build | 2x APS 6374 | 10s4p | ugly Kydex enclosure

Hi! This is my first build/upgrade. It all started with meepo, my first longboard. My only experience with boards was snowboard. I decided to upgrade part by part on meepo, starting with deck. Only thing left from meepo is esc for now. Build took much more hours and thinkering than I first thought. But it was great experience. And it still isn’t finished. I have done around 40km on this build and I got hang of it. Carving is really great.

Part list:

Deck: Loaded Icarus - really love this deck! Trucks: Evolve super carve - I like how easy is to manoeuvre with them. I can make turns only with shifting body weight. Motors: dual APS 6374 sensored 190kv Motor mounts: @marcmt88 longer mounts with dual idlers, not for evolve trucks. I had to design adapter so I could fit those mounts on evolve trucks. 3d printed covers for mounts, so I can lean bord against the wall. ESC: meepo ESC. I was sure that I will get super low speed, because meepo esc is for hub motors. But those APS motors are much stronger and I can go up to 37km/h on medium level on controller. Meepo on medium level can go only up to 27km/h. I don’t have enough experience for high speed mode for now, which means I don’t know what max speed is. More I ride on this esc, more I see why people pay price for real VESC. Battery: 2 x meepo 10s2p in parallel. getting around 23km. Enclosure: ugly homemade kydex enclosure. I could do that much better. Wheels: evolve 107 F1, evolve AT kit (waiting for right lenght belt so I could try them) Gearing: 16T aluminium for motor, 36T 3d printed from petg with SKF bearings for F1 wheels, 340mm belts. Other stuff: front lights, back light, bash guard, 3d printed thumb extension for remote

Planned upgrades:

Phase 1 -5.5mm female to 4mm male adapters - have to solder those -braided cable sleeve - ordered -wowgo 2s esc+ remote - ordered -riptide bushings and pivots - ordered -JST cable so I can connect motor sensors with esc - ordered -design and print motor covers -heat sink on ESC

Phase 2 -2 x ESCape -real 18650 samsung 30Q battery. 10s4p, 10s5p or 12s4p. Maybe get spot welder and to it myself? -waterproofing -firefly remote

some photos:




What are the adapters for?

so I could put mounts on evolve trucks.

Ah doesn’t he sell mounts made for evolve trucks though?

Oh the evolve trucks + the flexibility of the icarus = Carve machine.

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Yes he does! But I had caliber 2 trucks, so I got mounts for them. Later changed trucks.

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I am thinking of Ordering a wowgo a wowgo 2s esc and would like to know your experience with the wowgo 2s esc.

received wowgo 2s esc. this esc does NOT work with my motors. they are really slow, they are stuttering, its not possible to change speed modes. skate can’t even start riding without anyone on it. I guess its because my motors are 190kv, and hub motors are 50kv or something. I have hub motors too, and this same esc works perfectly with them. I didn’t try it on street, but on my workbench control seems really smooth, much better than with diyeboard/meepo esc

Thank you for the info. I have 2 hub motors and want to try out the wowgo 2s esc. My hub motors are 70kv so it should work with this esc.

I also have another hub motors esc that I was able to get it working on my 190kv motors. What I did is use 25/40 gears and 9s lipo. I am about 145lb and I am able to achieve about 20mph on the board.

I’m using diyeboard/meepo esc with my 190kv motors, 16/36 gears, I can get to 41 km/h in middle speed mode. but with wowgo 2s esc, nop, it won’t work. wowgo 2s esc is only for hub motors and it works great with them. I think your 70kv motors should work great with this esc.

thanks for the reply. I received my wowgo 2s esc. I installed to my 190kv motors and it too slow. I then installed to my maytech 90mm 60kv hub motors and it also did not work. with my hub motors it shake and jam up. the esc also gets very hot.

Try to connect motor wires different. As I remember, I had similar problems like yours on hubs until I got wires right. But wowgo esc wont work with 190kv motors, thats for sure.

I am getting frustrated. here is a video. my setup is meepo 1.5 10s battery, wowgo 2s esc on maytech 90mm 60kv hub motors. pls check out the video. the hub motors would work but over 5mph the motors would jam up. I have another diy hub esc and the hub motors would work fine and will reach about 18mph on 10s liion.


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Great build so far. I also have a meepo board, so would you recommend to rebuild it or better to sell and start from very beginning?

@kocoz I would say, depends how much money you have at the moment. If you have enough for full diy, go with that. If you have only few hundreds, start upgrading part by part. I should get my ESCapes soon and battery will be here too, so after all the upgrades I will have both meepo and diy :smiley: @Wilsonliang777 sorry I really dont know whats the problem. Try asking someone with more experince

It depends on if I sell meepo, I would have a money for a full diy, if no - parts by parts😬

What version of the Meepo ESC do you use?

I am going for a similar build - bit by bit - but im really in love with Icarus Deck :slight_smile:

Tywm in advance :slight_smile:

Hey! I used v1 meepo esc. I’m on ESCape vescs right now, and difference is huge! But meepo esc will work with both outrunner and hub motors. Yeah, icarus is great deck, with evolve AT wheels and super carve trucks, riding is like floating on a cloud :smiley:

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That is exactly what I’m going for… Floating on a cloud

First of all, I’m going for an Icarus deck and continue on Meepo hardware :slight_smile: Just gotta find the right battery case first - I don’t want to drill too many holes in that deck.

Thanks again for the ultra fast reply :slight_smile: