Evolve Mini (Stoke)

Looks like Evolve might be branching into the mini market…

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As long as they don’t just use their Sony travel batteries for it I’d be interested. 10s2p version of their 30E for an equal 7a to their one board at least, with the travel battery still compatible for flights since carrying a mini board that way would be a lot easier than a roughly 40" long board.

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I agree a travel battery would be a great option for the board.


Definition of bantam (Entry 2 of 3)


I reckon the travel battery will be its stock battery but it better be priced well for such low range with a deal for a second battery to go with pre-orders or something like that, otherwise can’t see much worth from it.

I predict a GT one style with a 33" deck with a small kick, dual 5055 motors same old tired controller $1k

Jeff like his motors to hang out, not much point of a big kick if your balls get in the way I mean motors.

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Image of the board has been leaked… Evolve Bantam


Looks good so far double king pin mini kick kegals depending on price I might grap one for the wife. She doesnt trust my diy frankoboards.

Yeah, looks like it could be a great travel board :airplane:! Specs coming soon I suppose :slight_smile:

Rubber Griptape 2 Different Models Same motors, new bms travel battery Light

Things I would have changed Trucks too high, drop through trucks on a non drop through deck. Back mounted motors with kick tail come-on!!!

I will likely still buy one.


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ButF##kUgly going to need a deck swap…

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looks like a wider, slightly longer riptide.


I would actually prefer it to have the GTR travel Battery - That way I can use it on either. It would make for some great modular capabilities. Switch and change depending on ride type and/or travel location.


Called the Evolve Stoke as predicted has their sony travel battery 14Km isnt a deal breaker for me as long as it doesnt go into safe mode is you attempt 18 degree incline… https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=GZEwH-AC-nI When I was the evolve HQ on thurs they were very tight lipped about price and specs. I personnal would get a GT one $899 aussie they will have 10 more instock before the line is finished. And deck swap it on a 36" bigger battery and cheaper.

On the old boards that was the case, the new ones are living up to and exceeding the claims.

I already have a single motor diy 6354 calibre 50s and 10s3p on a 33" x 9" deck that would eat this stoke for lunch. More I think about the set up the more it doesnt make sence. Take all the gtr parts and just chuck them on a smaller deck. Dkp on smaller decks will be too erratic at speeds. Maybe they have speed limited the board. Never gotten my 33" to more than 35Km its too erratic and that with with some highly tuned trucks. I built this deck for my 5 year old but after a test ride I thought better of it.

Apparently the name change is due to Globe already selling a board called the Bantam.


Globe should have waited 6 months before sending an attorney letter XD

It’d be a nightmare to change the name then

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