Evolve pintail convert

A few days ago I I purchased a good condition evolve pintail for a very good price. Upon inspection I found the battery is pretty much dead and the remote is very unstable. The pintail deck is in very good condition but it’s just too long for my liking. My plan is put together a board inspired by this evole pintail based.
Here is my part list.

  1. Keep the sidewinder trucks
  2. Keep the enclosure and heatsink
  3. Bustin 75mm wheels. (I love these wheel) 4.looking for a vesc
  4. 36t 15mm pulley with 15t motor pulley
  5. Racrstar 6368 280kv or racerstar 5065 200kv motor
  6. Lipo 6s 45c 10000mah or 10s2p liion battery or 10s 5000mah lipo.
  7. Sector 9 shoots board
  8. Mini remote

My question is should I try to use the evolve motor? Should I try to keep the esc?

Any suggestions would be good too.

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