Evolve power switch

Hey guys I am working on a project with evolve ESC BMS n remote

But I can’t find any power button that matches ,n all the one I found were all different in wires , Anyone please tell me how I can wire these up ? Thanks Picture were found on site thx to OP. DSC_0088

Not to sure how to wire these since I’m always buying vendors anti spark switches, but I believe 2 wires will be connected for on/off and the other 2 are for the led switch

I believe so too . But afraid to risk

Yea a lot of people here are very experience, sure one will help you out. Sorry if I wasn’t no help :neutral_face:

Thank u brother

use a multimeter


I wonder how .When the power it’s off

test continuity to which 2 leads shoot out voltage and which 2 shoot less

You need to find out the pinout from the ESC first. 12v C NO ground in some order. Then wire 12v, and ground to the corresponding + and - of the button. And NO ( normally open) and C ( common) there should be very tiny print next to the leads on the plastic.

Any difference in type of the switch ? Spst?? Spdt?? Thx

No this is not a relay. It is a NO/NC switches.

I see

Thank u so much

Did u figure out the wiring as im trying to use the switch for a bms and cant find anything

I didn’t . I actually ordered new power switch n battery port from evolve Cost me around $30 shipped for both

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I believe that this is the switch they use


Planning to the same. Can you share what you ended up to ordering? And how well they fitted?