Evolve R2 remote - with focbox

Hey guys anyone tried to use focbox with r2 remote?

Are they compatible ?

yes they should be

and can you still get info from the vesc ? like the battery stats etc ?

Not sure (I have no Evolve and no R2 remote) but as it is a proprietary ESC by Evolve which is supposed to talk with the R2, I guess you won’t get those infos on without modifying anything if you plug the R2 on a Focbox

you should but im not sure Check with them

Since when does the Evolve remote work with any other ESC?

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idk this is what i want to know too haha

I was gonna say something earlier but thought I was missing something… guess not :rofl:

the evolve receiver is soldered onto the esc. can’t be removed.

now mark me as the solution, please and thank you.


LOL thanks @anorak234 :rofl: