Evolve Skateboards - New Board - GT Carbon!

Hey guys. As some of you may have seen, I’ve been in the market for a board and have been tossing up whether to buy or build. In my research or different boards and products, I’ve come across a couple of new videos from Evolve Skateboards of what looks to be an pretty awesome new remote and possibly a new board.

One video looks to have a different board in the back ground. In the other Jeff mentions a new board?

Reckon I might be holding out to see what this brings before jumping on anything.

Check out the videos.


That remote is sweet !

Yeah i saw this on fb. Looks sweet doesnt it. I wonderbif someone can hack it to work with a diy board.

Oh great…more shit to distract a rider…phone in one hand … Skateboard diagnostic tool in the other …

A trigger is all you need

GO skate


Likewise, I’m holding out for the release. My guess is their new model(s) will address the weaknesses of their previous models, namely not enough torque, not enough ability to customize settings, not enough info on remaining range. Can’t wait!

Looks like they still use a single bulky motor. A new controller and another wheel color doesn’t make the product any better. Good for some causal cruising in the flats but not if you have some claims in performance.

I’m not sure hey. Interested to see a full shot and specs. But that shows right side, had a look at their gear and they all seem left side drive. Something must be different

yeah, i agree… this is a bit gimmicky…

they just need to get faster motors & two of them.

Show us the board and specs.

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They haven’t released anything else yet by the looks. Trying to find any info, nothing. Killing me

Speed and battery status at a glance? I’d love to have those features! I also like that there area easily switchable “modes.” I’ve never ridden an evolve board, but folks seem to love them.

I don’t quite understand the display that shows the gearing of the motor pulley and wheel pulley - it seems like a static feature that wouldn’t need to be displayed dynamically. Maybe one can tap a button and change the feeling of the acceleration to mimmic those gearings?

Wondering what replacement cost is of that fancy remote when you drop it. But ya, I’m looking forward to seeing the new board, if only to get new design ideas :smile:


I dont think its a gimmick at all, ive been looking for a way to get a speedometer on my board for a long time with a Vesc or gps

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Just use a gps cycle computer and you have what you need.

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I think the gear ratio is what works out your speed. So the esc knows the motor rpm. And thn you select your ratio so that it can display the correct speed.


Yes I loved the ride on my Evolve. Really decent acceleration. The biggest issue in my opinion was the overall length coupled with the weight biased to the back end. In short they were a bitch to carry.

I did notice in the first video that it appears they are using a different belt/motor housing. Looks a little smaller and more custom as opposed the giant chunk of metal on their current rides.

sounds about right…

@lowGuido I think you’re right, but does that mean that Evolve is now supporting different options for their motor and wheel pulleys? I’ve never seen any options in their online store, which is why I thought they were static.

Exactly, you can download free apps that have a speed reading that is very accurate.

Also, with the emergence of apple watch & android watch it would be rather easy to develop an app that has all the speed related data on your wrist.

ALSO With gyros & accelerometers in your phone you could probably also get this data:

  • G force
  • Hoprsepower
  • deduce a torque measurement
  • Possibly even a fuel gauge based on timeXmovementXaverage power consumption.

The app might get you to perform some simple calibrations, such as a 100m sprint, enter body weight, wheel size,

Someone better at maths & physics could probably elaborate on this further…


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I have used phone app’s before with cycling and have found they tend to start chewing battery pretty quickly. I use a garmin device on my bike now. It is one option while riding, but would be annoying to hold in hand as well as a remote.

The new Evolve will be awesome. Get your orders in. Still think the Raptor is the one to beat at the moment for completes. Untill the production version can be tested back to back.

I do wonder however if the battery of the remote can last with having to deal with extra features. Ive just used my Raptors for over 1.45hrs. Space cell ran out before remotes. No point making a board that can go for longer range if the remote cant last.