Evolve Sleeper, Have A Few Questions

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I am not that interested in building state of the art skateboards. I am interested in riding them. I got into eskating with a Bamboo GT from Evolve, and I really like the board, but extended rides in the hilly Bay Area are a challenge. I have been reading the forum and have learned a lot, but some of the electronics are daunting. So my plan is to keep it simple…

Evolve trucks, belts and motors ABEC 107mm wheels Bintang deck from Sector 9 Universal Enclosure from eBoosted 12s4p battery from Pelican Bay FOCBOX Unity some time soon Chargery C4012B with 12s balance cables Enertion Nano-X 2.4Ghz Controller

One concern I have is whether the Evolve motors connected to Unity can handle 12s. Please advise.

Another question is the best way to either run or charge the battery pack. The diagram at left has a removeable wire loop to connect the charger or the Unity. The diagram at right would depend on the momentary switch to disconnect the Unity. Which one is better? Am I understanding how the Unity switch works? What would happen if the switch turns on while charging?

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Hey man, this all looks pretty good, a few things though. The Evolve motors line up with the rest of Evolve’s components, pretty meh. The Evolve trucks are great, but I think that you would be so much happier with 218 Caliber II trucks and dual 6374 motors from Torqueboards, you will get such a performance boost. Also, you’re having your battery pack built with 30Q cells, right?

I rode @Rod12579 modded Evolve it had a 10s4p 30q battery and some race star motors. It honestly surprised me only that much made it such a better board.

I’m doing a very similar build to what you are proposing my self. I’m building 15/38t pullies on 90mm wheels on my Evolve trucks with Unik mounts for dual 6355 on a 12s4p batter and dual VescX. Should be plenty torquey.

I have all the parts to put it together I’ve just been super busy. IMG_20181011_212554_653


The cells are 30Q

Might change the motors later. Trying to preserve some of the original board :slight_smile:

Does anyone know about the FOCBOX Unity switch vs. loop question?

Unity has a built in switch so there’s no need for a loop key or antispark

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Use the diagram at right and you don’t need a big XT90 for charging. A dean connector or XT60 is totally fine. Both are overkill.

Remember to use small cable ties around the connectors (between the wires on each side, holding the connectors together) so that they cannot rattle apart.

You need a BMS unless it’s built into the battery.

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Thanks everyone for the feedback! Will post some pictures when available.

Have a great weekend

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like what @Battosaii said, use the unik mounts and dual 6355 motors. 63xx motors make a world of difference

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I am thinking about motors. The tail is starting to wag the dog – might be better off selling the board not much will be left. Anyone want to buy a Bamboo GT still under warranty?

Here is not the best place to sell completes. I would try craigslist or some local riding group if you have one in the area that has a Facebook page or something.

Oh wow sold my BGT already today. Kept my ABEC 107 mm wheeles and the AT setup. I am investigating the unik motor mounts now. Looking for belt sizes for 38 and 65 teeth. What 63 mm motors do you guys like?

i got a fast charger if u need one!

evolve motors are the racestar motors on banggood. I think the 140’s are rated at 35amps and can handle up to 12s, I’ve pushed mine past 50 and they have held up ok. Big factor is getting good heat dissipation.

Thank you. But with the unik 63 mm hubs, what should I run with?

not familiar with those sorry

Revised plans and parts list:

Sector 9 Meridian Deck Universal Enclosure from eBoosted Evolve supercarve trucks Evolve AT wheel set Evolve motor pulleys Evolve 38 and 65 teeth gears Unik Street AT motor mounts ABEC 107mm wheels 12s4p battery from Pelican Bay FOCBOX Unity some time soon Enertion Nano-X 2.4Ghz Controller Chargery C4012B with 12s balance cables

Now I am wondering what are the right belt sizes for the Unik Street and AT motor mounts with Evolve 38 teeth for the ABEC 107s and Evolve 65 teeth for the AT wheels.

Another question is what motors to get. Any of the 63 mm motors will fit, so maybe Maytech 6355. Will the Maytech 6374 fit? The dimensions on their website are hard to read. What is the right motor?

Psychotiller helped me out with a pair of 6365s, and I got the belts and matching pulleys from Unikboards.

Charger just arrived, this is a beast. The Chargery C4012B with 12s balance cables.




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@billappleton I know this is an old thread, but do you still happen to use the C4012B charger? Could you please share if you were happy with it? Cheers.

Edit: I misread the date. It’s not that old thread after all.

It is a beast! You can charge 12s and see all the cell voltages. I had no trouble hooking up two 6s cables. I really like it. Let me know if you want the manual. I have talked to the manufacturer and they are responsive.

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Thanks! Yeah, it looks pretty cool. The only downside is the price. :smile: