Evolve Supercarve trucks, UNIK 63mm street/AT motor mounts, maytech super esc's, evolve AT tires and pulleys (US)

Hey all! I have some parts for sale, I am located in the US, hawaii specifically😎 *Evolve GT AT conversion kit minus stock belts -includes qty 2 370mm belts, qty 1 spare tube sold

*Evolve GT supercarve trucks (front and back) -complete with venom and riptide bushings & riptide pivot cups sold

*Qty 2 maytech super esc’s PRICES REDUCED!! -with sensor wires, canbus cable, & mini usb cables $60 each or $110 shipped for both!!

*Pair of Unik street/AT 63mm motor mounts for evolve trucks with hardware sold

*qty 1 hm-10 bluetooth module sold

All items are gently used as they were not from my primary commuter build. Prefer usa only and f&f on paypal. All shipping prices are for flat rate boxes/envelopes. The tires are in excellent condition as they were rarely ridden and have custom hydro dipped graphics instead of stock black. Those have stock evolve bearings that were just cleaned/lubed. Maytech super escs have no label as they were the sample units sent to hyper ion systems last summer before they were in stock.

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Dibs on Bluetooth module!

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Ugh, I want those AT wheels

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They can be yours

Dmd you 10 character

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Everthing but the maytech escs are sold!! Accepting reasonable offers

Price Reduced $125 shipped for both escs!

Prices reduced to $110 shipped for qty 2 maytech 50a escs!! They say they can do FOC on the site, though i havent tested it!!!

I’ll take those esc I’ll shoot pm

@mmaner can you close this thread?

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