Evolve Truck Conversion For MBS Rockstar Pro

I recently bought MBS Rockstar Pro Hubs and the Bumper Boards conversion kit for the GT. They were extremely hard to fit and ate the bearing up after 20 miles of trail riding. I found a 28x8x9 bearings that fit the wheels but found out that they are to wide for the Evolve GT trucks. Does any one make a 12mm or 9.5 mm sleeve to make these wheels work with the Evolve to extend the axle by 55mm or more or have an idea to make this work?


But the Board Bumpers bearing adapter kit is for the Trampa Superstar Hub, not the MBS Rockstar Pro Hub.



We stock board bumpers products and I do have a set of trampa SS set up on evolve trucks. With the B.B. pulley. Rides fine. Got some pictures of what’s going on?

Was thinking about buying those adapter for my MBS Rockstar hubs, but now I seen this idk if I’ll buy them now. Were they installed correct or they just not meant for MBS Rockstar hubs ?

I’m not sure what exactly happen to his set up. I have used both MBS and the trampa adapters with no problem. You do have to stack speed washers to get the right spacing. The bearings could slide out if he didn’t.

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