Evolve Wheels w/ New 7” Tires and Tubes

Black GT hubs, no issues, used. 7” tires and tubes - new

$130 shipped in USA

image image


$120 shipped

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How much shipping to poland?

Ship in the US only. Tracked shipping to Europe is usually $100

if these stay around till summer consider them sold :wink:

How are the evolve hubs? I figure they might be an upgrade from the plastic trampa rims I have?

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They’re pretty good, even have a counter balance weight to offset the valve stem

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Are they metal? Or plastic

Plastic, evolve doesn’t offer metal

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$110 shipped

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How much for the wheel pulleys, you think they fit on the MBS rockstar hubs?

Nvm, didn’t see that you don’t have them

what size bearings do they use?

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Traditional skate bearings (8mm).

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damn, looking for a spare set but need 12mm - GL with the sale!

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These wheels can work on trucks with 8mm or 10mm axles, just need the correct bearings. Unfortunately, the bearing seat is too small for 12mm axles

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Still have these?

Updated to sold

Would you do $95 + $10 shipping?