Ex -SnowBoard | question arise

Hey guys I’m back here. Just a year ago I started making “EX-SnowBoard”. This is the drawing (I can’t upload image for some reason) “EX-SnowBoard” Is a board which has one 360 wheel in the middle and two normal skate trucks, batteries, rc remote, one motor.

As you can in the picture the wheel is offset to the trucks. Batteries would be on the bottom splitted in two segments Electronics such as vesc and other would be stored in the upper tank The cables of the batteries would go through drilled holes in the deck.

The board should last long since there would be a lot of batteries

But questions arise:

  1. Which type of batteries do you recommend: Performance, Durability, Longevity.
  2. Does anyone know where to get curved, strong, motor suitable wheels?
  3. In terms of permormance will 6374 200kv motor would be durable, and powerful?

The aim of this board is to make it under 200$, durable and reliable. (P.s. I may start selling this board) I’m an engineer so durability should not be a problem.

Actually many cells you can choose,need yourself consider the specification and the price. Like Samsung 18650 35E,25r,21700 50E ,M50L