Expected delivery from Enertion (Customs Problem?)


I expect a delivery from Enertion in the USA (TX) for my Raptor 2.1 (replacement motors). @barajabali shipped the package a month ago. Since 16 May, however, nothing has changed with the tracking (USPS). I live in Germany and as far as I know the package will be handed over to DHL. With the tracking number of USPS I find however nothing in DHL-Tracking-System.

Could it be that my parcel is still at customs in America?


You need to check with dhl Germany. Try injecting your tracking number on trackitonline.ru That site is able to track most shipments (better than any official postal companies in my country)


Thanks. The last information with trackitonline.ru is:

16.05.2019 00:00

[ Left postal office ]

Ow thats not so good (you did scroll all the way to the bottom eh? Sometimes the first section is the country it is leaving and the second section contains when it arrived in europe)

You best check wit bara then, he should be able to track deeper on his side contacting his postal service.

yes I scrolled to the bottom and there is DHL listed but no information.:persevere:

Okay thanks, I’ll write to him at weechat.

USPS stops providing tracking when it is out of the country. I just experienced this with a Canada package.

so I don’t get a message that it arrived in germany?

That will be through DHL but you probably don’t have their specific tracking number. Once USPS hands the package off, they no longer provide any tracking info and the numbers will be different.

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Call up USPS or DHL, i’m sure they’ll provide DHL’s tracking number if you give them the USPS tracking number.

I did earlier, but they ping-ponged me four times in waiting-line.

I try it later again.

@barajabali @CarlCollins

The replacement motors have arrived at german customs. I have only 5 days left to pick them up and need a document that it is an 0USD Warranty delivery otherwise they will be sent back by customs!!

EDIT: Bara just send me the document!


Done in wechat