Expensive ESCs comparison

Is it worth the $200+ premium to go for trampa vesc 6.6 over a flipsky vesc 6.6 or focbox unity?

Flipsky ESC Trampa Esc (x2) Focbox unity

What about a focbox?

Please use the search feature to find peoples opinions on both ESCs, both have been tested and examined by the comunity, by trusted individuals…

Reliability is the key word

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Depends what you’re looking for. Trampa is 100% devoted to keep you satisfied, so you run 0 risk of losing money. Flipsky might not be as helpful :stuck_out_tongue: But yes, trampa is abit pricy. I’d sugest waiting a few months, for secret reasons.


Ok :smirk:

Its still preorder for the dual. The only reason I’m ok with the trampa’s not being dual is because of their outstanding reputation

I’m not talking about the unity… I’m talking about the normal one

i guess i should include it

Thank you bruh, you just made my day. It’s definitely the most important of all the things.


I 100% agree I think for reliability alone i might go for the trampas I am also looking to sell ~$800 electric Drum Kit, so i should have the cash to spare :smile:

Define “few”


Honestly dont think there is a timeline, I’ve seen the BoMlist but thats it. Rest will be revealed when time comes. Current BoM is around 95 bucks in components, and thats around what it cost for me to solder my own so makes sense. New BoM cost is near half and goal is to be easier to assemble, which means less cost in production etc etc. Wont have quite same tolerances as the current one. And no, I dont know any price point but I’d guess ballpark around half


holy scheisse… half price Also if the BOM is 95, 250 seems a bit much, but i have no idea the labor that goes into it, so i cant talk. Looking forward to having any kind of discount. Sadly, im looking get my board running asap, so im not sure if i can wait :slightly_frowning_face: Well, whatever the case, im glad for the update. Thanks @linsus

The one for sale right now is real sturdy tho. And it still be better and safer then anything else so if you can spare the cost I’d say its worth it!

Cool. Like I said, Im selling an electric drum kit for $800+, so I should just be able to squeeze by. I already have my 6380s, so i need some reliable esc’s to power my 8000 watt hill climbing BEAST

Thanks for the help

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