Experience with banggood to EU

I am about to buy a motor and have the racestar in sight on Banggood. It will be sent from Chinese warehouse and there fore due to customs. But they have some kind of delivery through the Nederlands and sometimes Nederlands can be used to cut customs. But I cant figure if it will cut customs this time. What are your experience? do you pay your local contries customs when buying from Banggood? If i have to go through local customs I would rather buy a motor from Alien Power as the price would be equal.

Last time when ordering 5065 motor (valued at 40 $ or so), got a 10$ value stamped on envelope.

Not sure whenever they always do this but if u order dont order through dhl or similar couriers, as they mess up customs process, in my point of view, making final end price higher

never had problems and never had to pay customs from banggood shipping to spain


I’m living in Germany and I already placed 5 orders on Banggood. I only had to pay for customs once, when i bought a tablet there. All of my longboard parts arrived without any customs fee. I guess you need to be lucky wether the customs will check your package or not.

Their service and shipping times are very good.

oh je hebt geluk, ik heb net voor de kerstvakantie een van banggood gekocht

Hij is gwn heel aangekomen zonder extra belasting ofzo En dat ook nog eens rond de kerst en oud en nieuw tijd, ik heb een verhaal van iemand gehoord dat ze rond die tijd dan pakketjes van boven de €23 euro controlleren of er geen vuurwerk in zit, daarbij moeten ze dan ook de belasting erbij betalen. Dat is ook niet gebeurt bij mij, dus ja ik raad het aan!

Dont use dhl anytime they will charge you customs for local traffic lol they are pretty annoying with it

Thanks guys. I will give Banggood a try.

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Anyone has a link to the screws to the motor pully?

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/281110709526 Choose M3

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Awesome - thanks!

I got two 5065 140kv in the uk and paid about £3 in taxes. Not sure why so low but I didn’t complain:slight_smile:

I upgraded to some express shipping and they arrived in 8-10 days.

Great little motors.

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