Experiences with big Graphene Lipos?

Hey Guys, i’m debating wether to buy 2 of the 6S 12000mAh 15C Graphene Lipos from Hobbyking. They are on sale for 90€ instead of 140€.
They will be used in series for a (probably) dual 8072 Mountainboard and i was wondering if anybody has experience with them. The C-Rating seems kinda low and i’m afraid that they are as bad as the 10C Multistar Batteries. So if anyone used those batts, let me hear your thoughts!

Thanks for your input on this!

The price is good maybe i will use them for my next build Not sure about voltage sag with prebuilt batteries I only have experience with custom made

If you going with 8072 from APS they are 6kW each, ~100A each, ur battery max will be able to provide 12 * 15 = 180A. Plus that motor is for higher voltage than 12S

Yes i know. I have lots of experience with lipos in general and i wouldn’t push those Motors to 100A anyways. I just wanted to know if the 15C rating is somewhat reliable, those 10C Multistar packs have a “tested” c-rate of about 3-4 C.

If you have lots of experience with LiPo’s why then you ask? That motor will need a lot of current to even start moving because of size.

I ask because i wanted to know wether those lipos in particular are useful for the current they advertise. Some hobbyking Lipos are garbage and i haven’t found/read anything about the 15C Graphenes so far, so i wanted to get some input from someone who used them.

Also my motor choice isn’t final, but since i’m more of a heavy rider i lean towards the 8072s.