Experimental | carbon wrapped Blank deck | other parts undecided

Hi, I actually jus wanted to share my attempt at Carbon wrapping my deck which was inspired by @whitepony and his beautiful builds. Anyways, I used a cheap blank deck, supposedly maple but who knows I got it from China. I would probably turn this thread into a complete build log if there is anything worth showing as it won’t be special I think.
I routed the bottom of the deck and remove about 6mm of material. image image I don’t have pictures of the lay up because it was a messy procedure but I think I did a decent job besides the fact that the carbon did not stick perfectly to the sharp corners and the edges. Once the whole layup was in the back I turned the vacuum pump on and the little shit stopped working 25 min into it. I had to remove it from the bag and left it to dry. It seems like there are bubbles under the carbon at some spots, i need to make sure once I begin sanding but right now it is Sunday evening and I cannot use my orbital sander at this hour. image image


I hope it’s salvageable. Those @whitepony builds are sick.


Thanks, That dude is indeed an artist, I mainly wanted to try to learn the skill. It is my first time using epoxy resin so it helps learn what could go wrong and how to deal with it.

Definitely a failed experiment, just rough sanded it and some areas are not laminated correctly. Kinda felt it would be like this. I need to try to sand it clean and redo it once I buy a good vacuum pump. Meanwhile I need to look for a deck to finish that build. image image


don’t get rid of it, just cover the first layer :wink:

Oh no I won’t throw it away, I will try to figure out where exactly it is not laminated and cut those area out. I am wondering if I can pull off a wet lay up without pump. The recess has sharp angle I should have used a V bit for the walls of the pocket maybe it would have been easier for the carbon to stick to the walls.

you should make a block to put in the recess to get good wall adhesion

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